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The Leveler: Build Back Better

by Oui Mon Oct 4th, 2021 at 07:31:12 AM EST

PM Boris Johnson and the Tories now own the Red Wall of Britain ...

Iain Macwhirter: The Tory Red Wall is wilting at the greening of Boris Johnson

"Beyond the pandemic; building back greener; renewing community assets; transforming energy to reach net zero; transport connectivity and levelling up; putting green jobs at the heart of recovery ..." the list of official Conservative Party Conference fringe events in Manchester this week reads like a resume of Keir Starmer's speech to the Labour Conference. And that isn't a list of events held by charities and lobby groups, but the Conservative Party's own fringe agenda.

People in the UK: how is your household affected by rising costs?

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the consumer prices index measure of annual inflation rose to 3.2% in August, up from 2% in July, to hit the highest rate since March 2012.

The increase surpassed City economists' forecasts for a reading of 2.9% and reflected a jump in food and drink prices from August 2020 when Rishi Sunak's "eat out to help out" discount scheme slashed the cost of restaurant meals.
The 1.2 percentage point increase between July and August was the largest since records began in January 1997, the year Gordon Brown handed the Bank of England independence to manage inflation.

Labour and the trade unions warned households would face a "double whammy" this winter as living costs rise while the government ramps up taxes and prepares to make the biggest ever overnight cut to social security benefits.

'This is not the time': Tory MPs urge Boris Johnson to delay £6bn benefit cuts

Reply to ...

Good-bye Britain

'British Renaissance has begun,' declares Brexit minister as nation hit by petrol and food shortages


Blame the Tories, not Unicef, for child poverty

Readers respond after the Conservative minister Jacob Rees-Mogg accused the UN agency of a `political stunt' for stepping in to help feed deprived children in the UK during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Further Tory nonsense ...

Jacob Rees-Mogg suggests 'the weather' is to blame for UK's sky-high coronavirus death toll

British fog is to blame for many coal monoxide deaths in 19th century London, not much needed industry ...

Over 200 years of deadly London air: smogs, fogs, and pea soupers

Get our sovereignty back ...

Brexiteers and Buccaneers

United Kingdom the Land of Liberty and the Free

Did George Washington ever mention King George in a speech after July 4th 1776? 😂 💵

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by Cat on Mon Oct 4th, 2021 at 02:42:53 PM EST
Leveler indeed.  By the time de Piffle gets done, the UK will be thoroughly scraped off.
by rifek on Wed Oct 6th, 2021 at 05:22:29 AM EST
by Oui on Sun Oct 10th, 2021 at 09:49:55 PM EST
Too much dirt hitting the news stand ...

Uncooperative officers blocking Met reform, says ex-superintendent | The Guardian |

The Metropolitan police shelved plans to reform its unit dedicated to protecting politicians and diplomats because of "resistant and uncooperative" officers, according to a former superintendent who was the force's most senior woman of colour.

Nusrit Mehtab, who resigned in January last year, said the parliamentary and diplomatic protection command (PADP), where Sarah Everard's killer, Wayne Couzens, once served, was "very male-dominated" and ripe for reform. The Met had had a chance to "put things right and they didn't", she added.

Met Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Rose Dick tough as nails ...

Dame Cressida Dick 'immensely honoured and humbled' to have been asked to extend her time as Met Commissioner | Sky News |

The decision comes just one day after campaigners against police injustice called for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to replace Dame Cressida after her current contract comes to an end in April 2022.

In an open letter published on Thursday, they accused the Met's chief of "presiding over a culture of incompetence and cover-up".

BLM 👨🏾

by Oui on Mon Oct 11th, 2021 at 06:22:48 PM EST
Anti-vaxxers Keeps Pandemic Rolling

Figures from Our World In Data  indicate a clear correlation between the percentage of people fully vaccinated and new daily cases and fatalities, with health systems in some under-inoculated central and eastern EU states under acute strain.

Slower vaccination programmes in central and eastern Europe combined with an easing of most social distancing requirements over the summer have led to a dramatic surge in Covid cases in some central and eastern European countries.

Britain is in the unusual position of having fully vaccinated a relatively high percentage of its population (just over 66%), but also having Europe's fifth-highest infection rate, at 534 new daily cases per million people - not far behind the Baltics and between eight and 12 times higher that France, Italy and Spain.

by Oui on Tue Oct 12th, 2021 at 03:36:36 AM EST

Covid response 'one of UK's worst ever public health failures'

Vaccination rates in "Old Europe" are around 80% for all age 18 and older. For 60+ the rate is above 90% ...

by Oui on Tue Oct 12th, 2021 at 03:47:00 AM EST

CureVac's COVID vaccine efficacy a blow to Tesla-backed firm's mRNA ambitions | DW News |

Diary from March 17, 2020 ...

CureVac In Germany: Trump's Failed Takeover Bid

In a moment of global crisis, the worst of human kind outs itself ... or society can come together to fight a common enemy. The ultra-narcist deviation in the leader of America came to the forefront: Buy the German vaccine company and we'll market it ::


"We've got the BEST doctors, scientists, hospitals ... we're doing a great job. Very early I closed to borders to China ... saved thousands of lives!"

Trump's two buddies in Europe: Boris Johnson and Mark Rutte ...

The true costs of Britain's mishandling of Covid are now plain to see | The Guardian Opinion |

The government's early plan was to work towards "herd immunity", which would have meant the majority of the population contracting the virus, developing antibodies and then becoming immune to it. Yet a deliberate herd immunity strategy, when society has no vaccine or effective treatment, has never been used against any infectious disease in history. Ministers pursued this strategy on the premise that a vaccine or treatment would not be available any time soon (vaccines can often take years to develop), and that the virus was "unstoppable".

Their policy choices meant that measures taken by east Asian countries, such as mass testing, tracing, banning large gatherings, face coverings, screening incoming passengers at airports and cancelling non-essential travel, were initially ignored in the UK.

The NHS in England was ill-prepared for the seismic shock of the Covid pandemic, London hospital chief Marcel Levi has said

Outbreak -- Herd Immunity Is Damning! | @EuroTrib - March 14, 2020 |

The Dutch didn't count the elderly who died due to COVID-19 infection at home by lack of IC units in hospitals and were not tested. Death certificate stated "natural causes".

by Oui on Wed Oct 13th, 2021 at 10:35:20 AM EST
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Puttnam warned of "multiple dangers" facing British democracy and accused Boris Johnson of running a "populist government that's trampling on held rights and conventions, with the sole purpose of tightening its grip on power".

by Oui on Sat Oct 16th, 2021 at 10:11:34 PM EST

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