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Climate Gloom A New Age of Nihilism?

by Oui Fri Dec 3rd, 2021 at 10:49:18 AM EST

Introduction through my last post ...

Covid Deaths: Dutch Lack of Decision Makers

Many countries have started booster jabs by early September, not the Dutch. In November 3,500 excess deaths, funeral parlors can barely handle the numbers. In the province of Limburg excess deaths reached 53%, the Carnival province has the worst rate of Covid-19 infections. Dutch policy in The Hague gives priority to individual "freedom", respects rightwing anti-vaxxers and sacrifices the elderly. In 40% of the nursing homes, the Delta variant ravages the population. The anti-vaxxers makes it clear by statements the want "quality" of life and will not heed the mitigation rules in society. The anonymous killers.

Do I want to add years to my life or add life to my years?

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Do I want to grow old safely for the rest of my life, or do I want to be able to go outside in freedom with all the risks that life has in store for me?

A$$hole ... who gives a sh*t about you when you don't care about a large group in society. Wish you a fun ending.

Booster jabs with Belgium compared ... 15.6% to the Netherlands 1.5%

Climate Gloom A New Age of Nihilism?


"Nihilism" comes from the Latin nihil, or nothing, which means not anything, that which does not exist. It appears in the verb "annihilate," meaning to bring to nothing, to destroy completely. Early in the nineteenth century, Friedrich Jacobi used the word to negatively characterize transcendental idealism. It only became popularized, however, after its appearance in Ivan Turgenev's novel Fathers and Sons (1862) where he used "nihilism" to describe the crude scientism espoused by his character Bazarov who preaches a creed of total negation.

In Russia, nihilism became identified with a loosely organized revolutionary movement (C.1860-1917) that rejected the authority of the state, church, and family. In his early writing, anarchist leader Mikhael Bakunin (1814-1876) composed the notorious entreaty still identified with nihilism: "Let us put our trust in the eternal spirit which destroys and annihilates only because it is the unsearchable and eternally creative source of all life-the passion for destruction is also a creative passion!" (Reaction in Germany, 1842).

The movement advocated a social arrangement based on rationalism and materialism as the sole source of knowledge and individual freedom as the highest goal. By rejecting man's spiritual essence in favor of a solely materialistic one, nihilists denounced God and religious authority as antithetical to freedom. The movement eventually deteriorated into an ethos of subversion, destruction, and anarchy, and by the late 1870s, a nihilist was anyone associated with clandestine political groups advocating terrorism and assassination.

Shoshana Zuboff: 'Surveillance capitalism is an assault on human autonomy' | The Guardian |


To save precious lives, mandatory vaccination may be the last resort …

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hmm, yes, well, I would like to believe errybody learned from the ebola "outbreak" of 2014 that traditional" funeral rites pose a (as OSHA phrases it) "grave danger" to the living ... wut with EXPOSURE to all those droplets of precious bodily fluids.

Has anyone in the Rutte ray-geem proposed incentives for cremation?

by Cat on Fri Dec 3rd, 2021 at 01:25:35 PM EST

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