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Capitalism and Political Incompetence No 10

by Oui Thu May 27th, 2021 at 08:13:21 AM EST

See update below: Downing Street #10 didn’t follow science nor advice from SAGE experts ...

The Bull of herd immunity was advocated by the Trump administration, UK's Boris Johnson and Oxford "math" which in turn was parroted on the hour by Conservative PM Mark Rutte in The Netherlands.

Real people died unnecessarily, especially to loved one's grandparents and elderly in homes of Care. Nurses were confronted with unspeakable trauma and number of patients without the normal level of PPE. Greed and cronyism delivered tens of millions of pounds in deep pockets without delivering on substance of the contract to the NHS and Healthcare.

Take responsibility for your own failings and do not deflect the global media to go on a witch hunt for clearly political goals. Shame on you Joe Biden ... the UK, USA and EU-27 were unprepared for this pandemic. Commerce, privatization and profit markings on the stock market took priority over National Security, health standards and people's lives.

The world had been forewarned by SARS Cov-1 and earlier MERS outbreak in the Middle East.

The German scientists with a headstart to confront the Covid-19 virus did the extra research and were prepared early in January 2020. As soon as the genome data was available to the global community of virologists the tests were produced and in warp speed a very suitable vaccine from BioNTech. Yet in late March 2020 many political leaders starred in confused messaging and ditto decisions. The Cummings hearing gives the public insight into incompetence but really many of us were aware of that.

Outbreak -- Herd Immunity Is Damning! | March 14, 2020 |

Cummings' Whiteboard

CureVac In Germany: Trump's Failed Takeover Bid

In a moment of global crisis, the worst of human kind outs itself ... or society can come together to fight a common enemy. The ultra-narcist in the leader of America came to the forefront: Buy the German vaccine and we'll market as ::


"We've got the BEST doctors, scientists, hospitals ... we're doing a great job. Very early I closed to borders to China ... saved thousands of lives!"

Public health experts warned of Covid disaster. Cummings confirms we were right | The Guardian OpEd |

On 12 March last year, Boris Johnson announced that attempts to contain Covid-19 would be halted and the country would have to accept the spread of the virus. As a global public health expert, this policy decision was baffling to me. The experience of China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong had already shown us that Covid-19 could be contained through testing, tracing and isolation, border restrictions, social distancing and face coverings. By following this east Asian playbook, England could save lives and avoid harsh, extended lockdowns.


[Update-1] Blistering Criticism from Virologists

No transparency, decisions based on “pseudoscience” of politicians ... indeed tens of thousands people suffered and died as a result.

Susan Michie: ’Bars and pubs and other high-risk places should not be open' | Sept. 20, 2020 |


British Morning Newspapers

The Auxiliary Troops Alliance worked together with Flexport, KLM, Randstad and Coolblue and was created on the initiative of Bernd Damme and Sywert van Lienden.

You are young and "smart" looking, want to earn big bucks F A S T !

Van Lienden allegedly profited 30 million euros from 'non-profit' face mask deal | NL Times |

Lobbyist and political activist, Sywert van Lienden together two partners allegedly profited 30 million euros selling face masks in a deal which he claimed was non-profit, Follow the Money reported.

During the first wave of the coronavirus, Van Lienden had stocked up on protective gear early on. After an initial shipment from China, Van Lienden transferred his activities to the non-profit organization Stichting Hulproep Alliantie which he had founded together with two business partners.

The Ministry of Health was struggling to provide sufficient protective gear at the time. According to the Volkskrant, Van Lienden set up a private company called Relief Goods Alliance through which he was able to strike a deal with the Ministry of Health to deliver face masks.

The face masks were never used as they did not meet the minimum quality standard established by the government RIVM authority.

by Oui on Thu May 27th, 2021 at 01:10:10 PM EST
Shame on you Joe Biden ... the UK, USA and EU-27 were unprepared for this pandemic.

Donald Trump, surely?

by det on Thu May 27th, 2021 at 03:21:03 PM EST

Same BS as the Trump White House encouraging conspiracy theories without any new evidence from science. So sad.

Trump on Wuhan lab: Now everyone agrees 'I was right' | The Hill |

Inserm, Institute Pasteur, Fondation Mérieux and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention Reinforce Their Cooperation in the Fight Against Emerging Pathogens

    The creation of the P4 Jean Mérieux - Inserm laboratory in Lyon and, today, our support for establishing a BSL4 laboratory in Wuhan exemplify the kind of international mobilization needed to wage the battle against emerging pathogens."

NO, the Institut Pasteur did not create the SARS-CoV-2 virus and release it in the city of Wuhan to cause the pandemic and implicate the Chinese authorities

by Oui on Thu May 27th, 2021 at 09:47:13 PM EST
by Oui on Thu May 27th, 2021 at 10:09:20 PM EST
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by Oui on Thu May 27th, 2021 at 11:20:25 PM EST
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Got room for your own green house or participate in ownership to grow own vegetables? 😊

On an annual basis food prices were up 39.7% in May - the biggest month-on-month gain since October 2010 - according to the index.

We need a comprehensive rewriting of the rules of the economy | Joseph Stiglitz |

by Oui on Fri Jun 4th, 2021 at 09:32:26 AM EST
by Oui on Fri Jun 4th, 2021 at 09:34:06 AM EST
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