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US economy: The benefiter

by Oui Sat Dec 3rd, 2022 at 06:47:12 PM EST

From a 2008 diary by < US expat Ukraine >

The New Revolution

    "Capitalism trumped people, and therefore trumped democracy. What we have now is a capitalist republic. The democracy part gets the back seat. We are disposable, legally."

We don't have to take this laying down, hammered into financially constrained corners.  But we can if we want to. Most of us won't do much until the wolf arrives at our own door. Before that, it's tolerable. That's common behavior among most of us everywhere. We look after our household and family first, because that is our main support and base of operations.

Moving through one crisis to the next where Main Street gets crushed by Wall Street, American oligarchy and politicians in the bubble of Washington DC.

This morning a broadcast about Detroit USA, it's wealthy history up to and including its bankruptcy, saving the Detroit Art Institute (DIA). Shocking indeed, sacrificing the pensions of civil servants ... basics of pure capitalism.

Slowly Europeans are awakening to a new Dawn of de-Industrialization ... an irreversible process started on February 24 and will continue for at least a decade.

European Energy Crisis and Deindustrialization

Carl Bildt: War profiteer? | by NordicStorm on Feb 14th, 2007 |

So, neither Ukraine nor Russia was the target of the war. Europe is, and Biden proves it

US has pulled its marionette strings on Ukraine and pushed it into the war. On the graves of innocent and helpless Ukrainians, Washington is looking to mint hundreds of thousands of dollars out of Europe

Well, on the pile of thousands of corpses, US wants Europe to become its subservient. And, to say that it is already happening won't be too far-fetched.

Europe is on the verge of de-industrialization because of the exorbitant oil, gas and power prices. Europe acted as a fool and closed the Nord Stream 2 on the diktats of US when the war began. In retaliation, Moscow has stopped sending gas via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany, citing a gas leak and giving no time frame for when the flow might resume.

The failure to find alternatives to Russian energy has become a real pain in the neck of Europe. And, US has capitalised on Europe's helplessness. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the United States overtook other LNG exporters in the first half of 2022 as the country increased supplies to Europe in the midst of the Ukraine conflict. About 71% of U.S. LNG exports went to the European Union and Britain during the first five months of this year. That's how big Europe as LNG market has become for the USA. The huge LNG exports to Europe have strengthened the dollar and without a doubt harmed the Euro. The euro has sunk to a two-decade low.

From the diaries ...

In the meantime in a comfortable USA ... prepping for a high spirit festival of Christmas 2022

Damn! Europe is so very fortunate to have a partner like the USA for weapons and fossil fuel ... don't politicize energy for ill purpose

NATO and Europe are dependent on US military for its defenses

Joe Biden a calculated risk towards trade unions

Finland's PM Marin Sanna speaking with the voice of Jens Stoltenberg, or could it be Antony Blinken ... unified response as tens of thousands are dying or with severe war wounds. For what? Dominance of US intelligence and military might from the Atlantic to the Urals and Caspian Sea?


Russian Oil Wealth, Kremlin and Oligarchs

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"Europe faces a threat to its cohesion. But this time it's on the eastern front, not the western"

EU's biggest challenge in 2018 may be none of the above. It comes from within. It has been slowly emerging along the bloc's central and eastern flanks since the so-called Visegrád Group of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic acceded in 2004.

Europe's unprecedented challenge from the authoritarians in the east | The Guardian |

Russia EU Rapprochement: Cui Bono?  by Frank Schnittger on Aug 7th, 2014

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Sat Dec 3rd, 2022 at 07:35:40 PM EST
Fighting falsehoods and disinformation with more lies and deceit.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Tue Dec 6th, 2022 at 02:59:51 PM EST

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