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Apocalypse la Guerre des Mondes 1945-1991

by Oui Mon Jul 25th, 2022 at 09:05:16 PM EST


Before being dismissed by President Truman, General Douglas MacArthur ordered 34 atom bombs to IndoChina to end the Korean War. So the tale goes ... MacArthur differed with the President on strategies as the military hands were tied to a limited war.

How the Korean War Almost Went Nuclear | Smithsonian |

In 1950, Harry Truman had to decide whether to use B-29s to drop atomic bombs.

In April of the next year, Truman put the finishing touches on Korea's nuclear war. He allowed nine nuclear bombs with fissile cores to be transferred into Air Force custody and transported to Okinawa. Truman also authorized another deployment of atomic-capable B-29s to Okinawa. Strategic Air Command set up a command-and-control team in Tokyo.

This spate of atomic diplomacy coincided with the end of the role played by Douglas MacArthur. After MacArthur had publicly and repeatedly differed with the president over military strategy in Korea, Truman replaced him with General Matthew Ridgway, who was given "qualified authority" to use the bombs if he felt he had to.

In October, there would be an epilogue of sorts to the Korean nuclear war. Operation Hudson Harbor would conduct several mock atomic bombing runs with dummy or conventional bombs across the war zone. Called "terrifying" by some historians, Hudson Harbor merely tested the complex nuclear-strike machinery, as the Strategic Air Command had been doing for years over American cities.

But the nuclear Korean war had already ended. In June 1951, the atomic-capable B-29s flew home, carrying their special weapons with them. They had never entered the battle zone proper, and they had not been part of FEAF Bomber Command's strategic bombing campaign.

A long documentary of many episodes, I watched a shocking episode of the French fighting a losing battle in Vietnam, use of napalm, a stalemate in Korea against the invasion from China and the dismissal of MacArthur for insubordination. The hero Governor of Japan, did get his ticker-tape parade in New York down 5th Avenue.

Apocalypse : la guerre des mondes 1945-1991 (3/6)

In Washington DC a senator was honing his knife to cut down communist members inside society of America. The era of McCarthyism, another stain on democracy in the States.

Against all odds, the Commander-In-Chief showed courage and leadership in an hour of anguish to prevent a World War.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff and National Policy -- The Korean War Part Two. [Volume III 1951-1953]


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by Oui (Oui) on Thu Aug 4th, 2022 at 07:25:20 AM EST

On August 1, 1944, the Polish Home Army (Armia Krajowa, AK), a non-Communist underground resistance movement, initiated the Warsaw uprising to liberate the city from the German occupation and reclaim Polish independence. The impetus for the military action was the ongoing retreat of the German forces from Poland, followed by the appearance of the Soviet Red Army along the east bank of the Vistula River. By October 2, 1944, the Germans had suppressed the uprising, deporting civilians to concentration and forced-labor camps and reducing Warsaw to ruins.

In November 1940, 380,000 Jews were sealed inside the Warsaw ghetto | Yad  Vashem |

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by Oui (Oui) on Thu Aug 4th, 2022 at 07:26:08 AM EST
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On 17 January 1945 Soviet Army liberates Warsaw, capital of Poland from Nazi forces

"The ghostly 'liberation' of a corpse city": 75 years ago today Soviet forces arrived in Warsaw

The Soviet 61st army crossed the Vistula to the south of the city at the Magnuszew bridgehead and the 47th attacked from the north near Modlin. Their aim was to create a kettle encircling the German 9th Army. Aware of the trap, the Germans withdrew most of their forces from the capital.

On January 17, 1945, only German rear-guard forces clashed with soldiers of the 1st Polish Army. The main fighting took place in Bielański Forest, at the Main Railway Station and at the intersection of Aleje Jerozolimskie and Nowy Świat.

What the Polish soldiers of the Red Army saw shocked them. Under a layer of snow were the ruins of homes, scorched walls that were once bedrooms, livings rooms and places where children played with their toys. Death lurked everywhere under the snow. Corpses of insurgents lay unburied in the rubble.

One Polish soldier recalled: "Ruins, ruins, ruins and sometimes corpses with white and red armbands; we knew they were Home Army soldiers. Our boys looked numb, they didn't believe what they saw, they couldn't get any words out, all I heard was `God, God'...".

After the German Nazi party and its army were defeated by the Allies, we all agreed never again. Hatred for old adversaries resulted in the Yugoslav wars, Kosovo unrest and the aggression of Eastern European states that led to a NATO confrontation with Russia. America leads, damn you Joe Biden and warmongers from US Congress. Option of peace ☮️ not on your old brain!

21st Century Pax Americana

Just as most empires, there is an expiration date ...

How Ancient Rome Thrived During Pax Romana

During 200 years of relative peace and prosperity, the Roman Empire reached the peak of its political and economic power.

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by Oui (Oui) on Thu Aug 4th, 2022 at 07:27:30 AM EST
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