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A Children's Sing-Along Annihilate Everyone In Gaza

by Oui Tue Nov 21st, 2023 at 02:15:12 PM EST

Israeli children sing, "We will annihilate everyone" in Gaza | Electronic Intifada |

Israel's national broadcaster Kan uploaded this song to X (formerly Twitter) in which Israeli children sing in celebration and support for the Israeli army's mass extermination campaign of Palestinians in Gaza.

The sweet faces of children make an incongruous accompaniment to the genocidal lyrics of the so-called Friendship Song 2023.

"Autumn night falls over the beach of Gaza, planes are bombing, destruction, destruction," the children sing in angelic voices. "Within a year we will annihilate everyone, and then we will return to plow our fields."

The lyrics were translated for The Electronic Intifada by independent writer and filmmaker David Sheen and you can watch a subtitled video of the song above, or in the tweet below:

Incitement to genocide is a crime

Kan, the Israeli broadcaster, posted the full video of the song on its X account on Sunday but deleted it a short time later amid an outcry from Israeli and other users.

Some expressed concern that it would help "Hamas propaganda," while others appeared genuinely disgusted by the video's violent and genocidal messages.

An archived copy of the now-deleted Kan tweet can still be found online. Kan also deleted a page featuring the song from its website but that too is archived.

The now-deleted page on Kan's website was headlined, "Love sanctified by blood: The children of the Gaza envelope re-record The Friendship Song."

It is unclear why Kan removed the video, but it is possible that someone there was concerned that it could make the channel complicit in genocide.

Two decades ago, officials of Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines were convicted by an international tribunal for incitement to genocide for broadcasts promoting the extermination of Tutsi people in Rwanda nine years earlier.

The song and video were originally created by Ofer Rosenbaum a so-called "crisis-communication expert" who heads a public relations firm called Rosenbaum Communication.

PR firm for ethnic cleansers

The video was published by "The Civil Front," an organization run by Ofer Rosenbaum that purports to rally the Israeli homefront in support of the war on Gaza.

In 2020, Rosenbaum was responsible for a billboard campaign in Tel Aviv depicting Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh kneeling on the ground blindfolded, under the slogan "Peace is only made with defeated enemies."

The client for this campaign was the Israel Victory Project, a cutout of the Middle East Forum, the organization run by notorious anti-Muslim agitator Daniel Pipes.

The Israeli Victory Project is currently promoting the ethnic cleansing of the Gaza Strip.


Just a reminder, the Israeli lobby in the US funds and supports European Islamophobes like Geert Wilders- the next PM of The Netherlands? - with substantial donations. See FEAR Inc. - Ayaan Hirsi Ali.and Daniel Pipes.

Israel: a demographic ticking bomb in today's one-state reality

More recently, Israeli politics in Dutch politics embodied by new VVD party leader and candidate for Prime Minister:

VVD Dilan Yesilgöz Commits to Law & Order - Part III

As far I can research, the title of the song is plagiarized from the Song of Independence of 1948 ...

Remembering Israel's Fallen -- Hare'ut, the Song of Friendship

Israel-Palestine war: Europe is following the US into another disastrous war | MEE - 19 Nov. 2023 |

Without debating the root cause of the Hamas attack - which even UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres acknowledged was a result of "56 years of suffocating occupation [of Palestinian lands]" - Europeans need to remember post-9/11 US policy and the regrets that many of them have had since then.

Right after the 7 October attack, many officials, including US President Joe Biden, compared it to 9/11.

Indeed, Biden mathematised the issue and stated that "for a nation the size of Israel, it was like 15 9/11s".

Biden making comparisons to 9/11 was far from true for many reasons, including, as the UN secretary-general stated, because "[Palestinians had seen their] land steadily devoured by settlements and plagued by violence; their economy stifled; their people displaced and their homes demolished. Their hopes for a political solution to their plight have been vanishing."

But it seems that the world, and especially the western world, is creating a similar environment to the one post-9/11, including repeating many of the mistakes that they made over 20 years ago.

Blindly following US foreign policy

Let us not forget that Israel's response has seen the disproportional killing of civilians through indiscriminate air strikes and the violation of international law by using tools of collective punishment in Gaza, with the withholding of aid and the cutting of water and electricity supplies.

If Biden appears to be taking a familiar and hawkish US line on the Middle East, so too are European Union countries and the United Kingdom, which seem to not have learned from previous mistakes of blindly following US foreign policy.

The mistakes European leaders are making this time around are remarkably similar to those of 20 years ago. First, they are again ignoring huge domestic anti-war protests and public demands for a ceasefire. Second, they are ignoring widespread public calls to stop their unconditional support for the US (and, today, for Israel).

Third, European leaders are willingly accepting "information" that has not yet been proven, just like the infamous "intelligence" that identified Saddam Hussein's "weapons of mass destruction". And, fourth, they are failing to learn the lessons from the US's experiences in Afghanistan, where the country was once secured from the Taliban but later handed over to it.

'Never again': Tel Aviv billboard campaign backing army divides Israelis | The Guardian |

Huge billboards depicting leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah looking beaten and bound as Israeli soldiers stand over them, line the main thoroughfares in the coastal city of Tel Aviv.

The words: "We love you, we trust you," directed at the Israeli army and: "Never again," are printed big and bold. The graphic AI-generated imagery has elicited different responses from the Israeli public; some find the campaign repugnant, many others have welcomed it.

Ofer Rosenbaum, 36, whose PR work has had previous brushes with controversy, is behind the provocative campaign launched last week that he hopes will help restore trust in Israel's security forces.

Ofer Rosenbaum, the PR man behind a campaign of billboards meant to restore trust in Israel's army. One of his controversial billboards is in the background. (Photo credit: Rick Findler/The Guardian)

Huge billboards depicting leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah looking beaten and bound as Israeli soldiers stand over them, line the main thoroughfares in the coastal city of Tel Aviv. The words: "We love you, we trust you," directed at the Israeli army and: "Never again," are printed big and bold. The graphic AI-generated imagery has elicited different responses from the Israeli public; some find the campaign repugnant, many others have welcomed it.

Ofer Rosenbaum, 36, whose PR work has had previous brushes with controversy, is behind the provocative campaign launched last week that he hopes will help restore trust in Israel's security forces.

Observing a billboard from across the highway, retired accountant Simona Yaloz, 65, said she was disgusted by the image. "I hate it, really, it's not the Israeli attitude," Yaloz said. "This is very extreme, it's too violent. There are extreme people here but we're trying to avoid it."

Fashion designer Shiran, who only gave one name, said she and her husband were supportive of the billboard campaign. "We both smiled when we saw it. I think we've been too kind and too nice for too long. We've let people outside of Israel tell us what we can and can't do," said the 30-year-old.

Meanwhile on a personal career quest to solicitate for Secretary General of the NATO to succeed Jens Stoltenberg ...

Dutch PM Rutte and unconditional support for Israel's Long Road to Ethnic Cleansing

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte was in Israel, as international leaders continued diplomacy aimed at showing solidarity with Israel while also calling for restraint in its response to Hamas' 7 October attack.

It was of "existential importance for Israel to remove the Hamas threat," Rutte said in a statement after meeting Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) meets Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte in Jerusalem. (Photo credit: GPO/Kobi Gideon HANDOUT/EPA)

Dutch leader and PM Rutte knew instantly on whose side he was on ...

Netanyahu's Security State Blown Up

Palestine UN Ambassador Riyad Mansour

Blame on Decades Policy offered by Netanyahu from hate filled rhetoric leading to the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin to destruction of a peace movement after the Oslo Accords.

Wars and settler violence has corrupted Israeli society: decolonize the West Bank and agree to a Free Palestinian State 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 ... most difficult as there is no leadership nor citizens for a model used by Nelson Mandela to heal from decades of apartheid in South Africa.

From ET archive key word | Yitzak Rabin |

A horrific stupid act of provocation as there is a large minority of Muslims living in The Netherlands ... an racist, Islamophobic act by Dutch Prime Minister

Caretaker Rutte Campaign Stunt to Fly Israeli Flag

Ministry of Rutte hoists Israeli flag on Court Yards of Parliament near his office of Het Torentje

Government Information Service: 'No general flag instruction'

The Ministry of General Affairs, the department of outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte, will raise the Israeli flag in the Binnenhof on Monday morning. In doing so, it wants to express support for Israel 'in these difficult times', the Government Information Service confirmed after reporting in the Telegraaf. Many people in the Netherlands, especially within the Jewish community, are also very concerned. Rutte says that the government is extra alert to their safety.

According to the spokesperson, this is a 'personal decision' by outgoing Prime Minister Rutte as a show of support for Israel after Saturday's massive surprise attack by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas. Hundreds of people were killed.

European Union "leadership" meets after meetings and summits and declares ...

The European Council met today via video link ...

The European Council agreed to keep working to avoid regional escalation. And although a two-state solution feels more remote than ever, the Netherlands still sees it as the only solution that can bring lasting peace.

Opening statement by President von der Leyen at the joint press conference with President Michel on the occasion of the extraordinary meeting of the European Council of 17 October 2023

Killing the Oslo Accords, initiates hate incitement leading to the assassination of a ray of hope for peace in the Middle East ... a commemoration canceled due to WAR and steps towards ethnic cleansing and genocide on Palestinians.

Annual memorial for assassinated PM Rabin canceled due to war with Hamas

Friendly-Fire Incidents Killed IDF Soldiers and Civilians | Tikun Olam |

During Hamas attack, Israeli tanks and helicopters killed civilian captives

Israel's 7th Eye is Israel's most prominent monitor and critic of Israeli media. It has compiled several media reports on incidents of friendly-fire between IDF forces inside Gaza; and intentional IDF attacks on targets that contained Israeli civilians, which left a significant number of dead and wounded.

The story was first reported by Haaretz, which noted police accounts that "some" of the festival goers at the kibbutz rave were "wounded" by a helicopter attack. Many media and social media users reported that Haaretz had confirmed they had been "killed," which was based on a mistranslation. In the end, despite the translation error, the claims of deaths were correct, as you'll see below. Nonetheless, it's important to be precise in these situations and not jump the gun, because there is a veritable cottage industry to hasbara social media warriors seek to expose out such errors.

Separately, Kan aired a documentary interviewing IDF helicopter pilots, who were among the first on the scene on 10/7. One officer admitted that he fired on a group of fleeing people who he assumed were "terrorists." He assessed at the time that such a group could not run if it contained a hostage. He fired on them. But admitted he could not be "100% certain" his judgment was right. He implied that he might have fired on Israeli civilians and killed or wounded them. Accounts below confirm that he and his fellow pilots did kill civilians.

See also my earlier posts on the suspected firing on their own ... Hannibal Directive.

Fire Power Apache Helicopters On 7th October

White House removes photo that appears to show faces of U.S. special operators | Task and Purpose - 19 Oct. 2023 |

The Defense Department typically does not publish photographs with the faces of special operators.

The White House has removed a picture shared on social media that apparently showed President Joe Biden shaking hands with American special operators in Israel during his recent visit to the country.

"In Israel, President Biden met with first responders to thank them for their bravery and the work they're doing in response to the Hamas terrorist attacks," was the caption to the photograph, which the White House shared on Instagram.

The service members in the photograph with Biden were not wearing any badges or insignia that identified their units, but their appearance and tactical gear were consistent with U.S. special operations forces.

White House apologizes for glaring national security blunder after publishing photo showing faces of US Special Forces as they met Joe Biden in Israel

Disinformation and war rhetoric ... unverified by a second source.

'Delta Force' and gas in the Hamas underground tunnels of Gaza| MEE - 24 Oct. 2023 |

An undisclosed Arab source affiliated with the parties told Middle East Eye [cited also by Obektivno.bg] that Palestinians anticipate Israel to deploy nerve gas within Hamas tunnels, with US Delta Force commandos supervising the operation, presumably for a clandestine offensive on the Gaza Strip.

Deception campaign

The US is coordinating with Israel ahead of its expected invasion of Gaza, with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin holding near-daily phone calls with his Israeli counterpart, Yoav Gallant, to discuss operations.

Senior US military officials with knowledge of urban warfare have also been dispatched to Israel.

The source said that Israel's delay in its ground invasion was misinformation aimed at gaining the element of surprise in a multifaceted attack that will include Israeli commandos landing in northern Gaza and along the coast.

The operational details of the attack have already been agreed upon, according to the source.

[Middle East Eye apparently the primary publication followed by others such as Fars News a day later. I discount the story as based on fear of the unknown in coming days.]

The story does show evidence the United States military are working hand in glove with Israeli perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Beyond supplying lethal arms and ammunition for the grenades and aerial bombing raids, reconnaissance by drones included.


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Xi to attend BRICS extraordinary virtual summit on Palestinian-Israeli issue | Xinhua News |

At the invitation of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the BRICS extraordinary virtual summit on the Palestinian-Israeli issue and deliver important remarks in Beijing on the evening of Nov. 21, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying announced Monday.

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BRICS condemns Israel war on Gaza in signal to the West | Al Jazeera |

The BRICS is made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, all major emerging economies looking for a greater say in a global order long dominated by the United States and its Western allies. These countries are often viewed as leaders of what is referred to in international policy speak as the "Global South".

But it wasn't just these five countries that spoke on the war on Tuesday. Earlier this year, the BRICS had agreed to expand and add Egypt, Ethiopia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Iran as members from 2024. The leaders of these six countries also participated in the meeting called by South Africa. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres joined the summit too.

The chair's summary -- in essence a gist of the mood in the room -- highlights growing calls from the Global South to end the war on the Gaza Strip.

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Saudi Cabinet advocates for international accountability amid Gaza crisis | Arab News |

King Salman presided over a Council of Ministers session on Tuesday, during which Saudi Arabia's advocacy for international accountability measures in response to persistent violations in Gaza was discussed.

The council further deliberated on the Kingdom's insistence on an immediate ceasefire, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Minister of Information Salman bin Youssef Al-Dosari said that the council was closely monitoring regional and international developments in the Gaza Strip.

The Cabinet also discussed recent diplomatic engagements, international relations, and economic developments.

It reviewed the results of the recent summit between Saudi Arabia and the Caribbean Community, and emphasized the concerted effort from the Kingdom and the bloc to combat climate change and advance sustainable clean energy initiatives.

Additionally, the council committed to the re-election of Saudi Arabia as a member of the UNESCO Executive Council for the period spanning 2023 to 2027.


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Biden may regret releasing report on Khashoggi murder | Harvard Gazette |

Biden has been critical of the Saudi record on human rights, particularly since King Salman, MBS's father, came to power in 2015, and since taking office Biden has halted military aid to the Saudis' war in Yemen and lifted the terrorist designation placed on Houthi rebels during the Trump administration.

"The Iraq War: The Heaviest Death Toll for the Media" Since World War II, March 2003 - August 2010 | RSF |

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Failure to amend the damage done by Trump-Pompeo to put further sanctions on Iran  and tear up the JCPOA treaty signed by Obama and the P5+1.

US sanctions inflicted $1 trillion damage on Iran's economy: FM | Al Jazeera |

Statement by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Iranian Threats and Provocations Against American Citizens | 9 Jan. 2022 |

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Hostage deal to see release of 30 kids, 8 mothers, 12 women from Gaza -- report

Further reading ...

Ben Gvir warns against 'disaster' of a hostage deal, slams 'idiocy' of war cabinet

In hostage deal, Palestinians request release of 3 prisoners for every single hostage freed. Since 10/7 the IDF have arrested 3000+ Palestinians on the West Bank ... up to 2000 are under military detention with no recourse by a court or assisted by an attorney.

Israel doubles number of Palestinian prisoners to 10,000 in two weeks

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No ceasefire ...

You either are with a ceasefire or you are with the slaughter of civilians in Gaza as part of Israel's ethnic cleansing and war crimes ... there is no middel ground after over  12,000 Palestinians killed and nearly half of these are children. Stop the war.


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by Oui (Oui) on Wed Nov 22nd, 2023 at 11:33:20 AM EST

Turkish FM engages in discussions with European counterparts on Gaza | TRT Workd |

During separate phone calls with his counterparts, Fidan advocates for an immediate declaration of a full ceasefire and the urgent delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

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by Oui (Oui) on Wed Nov 22nd, 2023 at 11:34:12 AM EST

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi welcomed on Wednesday 22/11/2023 the successful mediation efforts, brokered by Egypt, Qatar and US, to reach a deal on implementing humanitarian truce in Gaza.

The president also made it clear that Egypt will continue exerting utmost efforts to reach final and sustainable solutions that helps achieve justice and peace and grant the Palestinian people their legitimate rights.

Hamas says truce to start at 10 a.m. tomorrow as sides gear up for hostage release

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NYT | Israel Displays Tunnel Shaft at Gaza Hospital and Says It Will Let In Some Fuel, 17 Nov
The journalists were allowed to see only a portion of the sprawling Al-Shifa complex. The military refused to let the journalists explore the hospital or see or interview patients and medical staff in the facility, saying that it had not been fully secured and that Hamas combatants may still be there.

The discovery of the tunnel shaft at Al-Shifa did not seem to settle the question of whether Hamas, the armed Palestinian group that rules Gaza, has been using the hospital to hide weapons and command centers, as Israel has said.

aljazeera | Israeli army arrests al-Shifa Hospital director, other doctors in Gaza, 23 Nov
Hospital director Muhammad Abu Salmiya was held for questioning following "evidence showing that Shifa Hospital, under his direct management, served as a Hamas command and control centre", the Israeli military said in a statement on Thursday. Palestinian health officials confirmed the arrest and said another doctor and two nurses were also detained.

Gaza's ministry of health said it wants an explanation from the World Health Organization, as medics were travelling in a WHO convoy with patients when they were stopped and detained by Israeli forces.

"The World Health Organization has not yet sent us any report to explain the situation including the numbers and names of those detained," said Ashraf al-Qudra, a spokesperson for the health ministry.
Indonesian Hospital
Meanwhile on Thursday, Munir al-Bursh, the director-general of Gaza's Health Ministry, said the Israeli army gave people in the Indonesian Hospital just hours to evacuate the facility in northern Gaza. He said there are about 200 patients left at the hospital after some 450 patients were evacuated yesterday, and he told Al Jazeera that bombing continues from all sides in the vicinity.

consortiumnews | IDF Knew Real Hamas HQ While Lying About al-Shifa, 23 Nov
No story about the discovery of the real Hamas high command bunker has been published inside Israel or elsewhere in the nearly two weeks since the detailed Jerusalem Post piece on Nov. 14. Somehow the Israeli government and media have been able to completely suppress the discovery of the Hamas headquarters, despite the fact that a number of foreign news media have offices in Tel Aviv and the story is still available on the internet.

Instead of forcing a major climb-down by the IDF and the Netanyahu and the Biden administrations, the discovery of the real Hamas underground high-command center merely brought a slight revision in the wording used to refer to the issue.

Sullivan Revises Wording of Issue

That slight nuance was introduced not by the IDF, but by U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Nov. 13, when he said:

"You can see even from open-source reporting that Hamas does use hospitals, along with a lot of other civilian facilities, for command and control, for storing weapons, for housing its fighters." [emphasis added - G. Porter]

And a U.S. official familiar with "U.S. intelligence" who may also have been Sullivan, commented that Hamas had a "command node" under al-Shifa Hospital, using a term that Israeli officials apparently adopted in light of the new discovery of the actual high-command bunker.

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wikiwtf, Al-Shifa Hospital
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