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Dublin Far Right Riots After Knife Attack

by Oui Fri Nov 24th, 2023 at 06:16:22 AM EST

Police chief blames Dublin riot on 'far-right hooligans' | BBC News |

Brazilian Deliveroo driver 'hit attacker with helmet' | The Journal |

Back to the afternoon's attack outside a school in Dublin city centre, which left three children and a woman in her 30s injured.

Irish outlet TheJournal.ie has spoken to Caio Benicio, a 43-year-old Deliveroo driver who says he was passing by on his motorbike when he saw a young girl being attacked by a man with a knife.

He got off his bike and hit the attacker with his helmet, the report says.

"I didn't even make a decision, it was pure instinct, and it was all over in seconds. He fell to the ground," said Mr Benicio.

"I have two kids myself, so I had to do something. I did what anyone would do. People were there but they couldn't step in because he was armed, but I knew I could use my helmet as a weapon."

Mr Benicio said he was now praying for the five-year-old girl he saw being attacked. He also told TheJournal.ie he was sad to see rioters with anti-immigrant sentiments on the streets.

"It looks like they hate immigrants. Well I am an immigrant, and I did what I could to try and save that little girl."

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