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Erasure of Palestinians the Zionist Dream

by Oui Mon Nov 27th, 2023 at 11:03:25 AM EST

"By dropping the requirement that such articles be declared excess, it would also increase the existing strain on US military readiness in order to provide more arms to Israel," said Josh Paul, who was the director of congressional and public affairs for the State Department's Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, for over 11 years.

Paul, whose resignation last month due to US military aid to Israel caused a stir in Washington, admitted that "the President's emergency supplemental funding request, would essentially create a free-flowing pipeline to provide any defense articles to Israel by the simple act of placing them in the WRSA-I stockpile, or other stockpiles intended for Israel."

Amalek: 'Erasing' Gaza | Tikun Olam |

Israel's plan to eradicate Gaza and Gazans

Regarding the claim of genocide against Hamas, the US General Assembly passed a resolution calling armed resistance against Occupation legitimate.  Palestinian resistance is a response to Israeli occupation, killings, land and water theft, etc.  A response, even an armed response to Occupation, is not genocide.

What is genocide? Israeli murder of 50,000 Palestinians since 1920. 1948 Nakba, Israeli murder of 15,000 Gazans including 5,000 children in the current war. Forced expulsion of 15 Palestinian villages (1,500 residents) in the West Bank by Judeo-terrorists, under threat of death.  Theft of Palestinians lands.  Destruction of universities, schools, water and sewage treatment plants. Refusal to provide food to starving refugees.  That's what genocide is.

Opinion polls show opposition to Biden's approach

If Joe Biden, Tony Blinken, John Kirby and Jake Sullivan want to bury their heads in the sand, be my guest.  You can be an apologist for genocide. You can be a tool of the Israel Lobby.  But know this: there will be a reckoning.  A plurality of the American people do not support what Israel has done in Gaza. While 32% say the US should support Israel. 39% say the US should be a neutral mediator.  68% said Israel should observe an immediate ceasefire. That of course contravenes current US policy.  The numbers from that November 15th poll have undoubtedly swung even farther away from supporting Israel over the past 10 days. Separately, Biden's approval rating slipped by 11% last month, largely because of opposition to his Gaza approach.  His approval rating among Arab Americans went from 49% to 17%.

Youth voting rights groups who got out massive numbers of young voters for Biden in 2020 have made clear that his policy is unacceptable. They warned that they will sit out the 2024 election.  They'd be right to do so.

Biden's poll ratings are abysmal.

Nakba Commemorated - 75 Years of Israeli Colonialism

Nakba survivors in Gaza mark 75 years of ongoing refugeehood, settler-colonialism and apartheid amid Israel's renewed military assault on the Strip | MEZAN - 15 May 2023 |

On 15 May, Palestinians all over the world mourn 75 years of al-Nakba (`catastrophe' in Arabic). The day marks the forceful mass expulsion of around 750,000 indigenous Palestinians from their ancestral homes, lands and properties at the hand of Zionist forces and militias to make way for the new population of Jewish settlers. During the Nakba, around 531 villages were totally destroyed, and some 15,000 Palestinians were killed by Zionist militias, who between 1947 and 1949 committed at least 70 massacres against Palestinians.

By the time of the Nakba, while tens of thousands of new Jewish settlers were settling on the remnants of expropriated Palestinian lands, hundreds of thousands of indigenous Palestinians became stateless refugees scattered around the world. Today there are approximately more than 9 million Palestinian refugees (65.5 per cent of Palestinians worldwide), 1.7 million of whom reside in the Gaza Strip.

For the Palestinian people, the Nakba did not end in 1948, as its legacy continues to overshadow their present and future. Since the establishment of the State of Israel, Israeli authorities have been employing settler-colonial policies and practices that undermine the collective rights of the Palestinian people, particularly their inalienable right to self-determination and return, in order to maintain Jewish supremacy in all areas between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.

Israel's settler colonial legacy is reflected today in a painful series of manifestations of colonization and apartheid, which include--among others--the confiscation and land grabbing in the occupied West Bank, expansion of illegal settlements, the de facto and de jure annexation of Palestinian territory, and illegal closure and blockade imposed on Gaza.

Today, in the occupied Gaza Strip, two million Palestinians--66% of whom are refugees denied their right of return to their homes and lands--are marking Nakba Day amid Israel's renewed military assault on the Strip. Between 9-13 May, 33 Palestinian people were killed, including six children and four women, and 147 others were injured by Israeli attacks against the Gaza Strip. In addition, 86 residential units were entirely destroyed housing 83 families of 514 people, including 206 children and 86 women, while hundreds more residential units were also partially damaged.

The attack, which is the latest of a series of repetitive assaults against the besieged enclave, has constituted a horrifying illustration of Israel's policy of collective punishment of the Palestinians confined and trapped in the Gaza Strip.

Kahane Terror, Itamar Ben Gvir .. Nakba 2.0

Days of Kahane Terror Returns | 13 May 2023 |

Prof. Leibowitz: There are Judeo-Nazis, Israel is a dictatorship and the only state in the Enlightened world where the Supreme Court allowed torture.

Prof. Leibowitz gave Israel 20 years time to prove itself as a "democracy". Then 1968 saw further ethnic-cleansing, and this was his verdict:

Kahane Resides In Orthodox Jewish Hate

Taken from my diary ...

Our Favorite Ally, Model of Democracy | 29 May 2023 |

Shipping Arms and Munitions to a Fascist State

Biden is not finished with Gazans today ...

I have written about Biden's complicity in Palestinian massacres in May 2021 - May 2022 - May 2023 ...

Biden calculates in his feeble mind he still has time to turn the opinion polls around from mid-2024 and beyond.

President Joe Biden has moved to permanently repeal nearly every restriction on Israel's use of the stockpiles of weapons stored by the United States in Israel, according to The Intercept.

The War Reserve Allies of Israel (WRSA-I) was created in the 1980s to supply the United States in the event of a regional war, and is the largest link in a complex network of caches of virtually foreign American weapons.

Caretaker Dutch PM Rutte, seeking to succeed Jens Stoltenberg, is all in for support for Biden and Israel by supplying unlimited spare parts for Israeli fighter planes from U.S. stocks (NATO) in Woensdrecht.

Netherlands will continue to deliver F-35 spare parts to Israel despite human rights concern | NL Times - 21 Nov. 2023 |

Lockheed Martin is proud of the significant role it has fulfilled in the security of the State of Israel

Our C-130 and F-16 aircraft have been faithfully serving the Israel Air Force since the 1970s and 1980s, and when a Letter of Agreement was signed in October 2010, Israel became the first country to select the F-35 through the United States government's Foreign Military Sales process.

PHOTOS: After Flying Out Personnel, C-17s Return to Israel Carrying Munitions | 24 Oct. 2023 |

A few days ago ...

Israel accuses Spain, Belgium leaders of backing 'terrorism' after Gaza remarks | Politico |

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "strongly condemns the comments" by Spanish Prime Ministers Pedro Sánchez and Belgian leader Alexander De Croo during a visit to the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza, the prime minister's office said in a statement on X.



A question of being humane' - Sánchez stands by Gaza comments that angered Israel | Spanish News |

Visiting the Rafah border crossing (main image) between Gaza and Egypt on Friday with Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, Sánchez had said the 'indiscriminate killings of innocent civilians' in the Palestinian territory was `completely unacceptable'.

Sánchez had said the time had come for the international community and the European Union to once and for all recognise a Palestinian state. He said it would be better if the EU did it together, 'but if this is not the case ... Spain will take their own decisions'.

Breaking Sharon WB Pull-out 2008 ¶ Secret EU Report & Rafah Border Open

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Mon Nov 27th, 2023 at 03:28:58 PM EST

Sanchez condemns 'indiscriminate killings of innocent civilians' in Palestine | Jordan Times |

The Israeli foreign ministry swiftly summoned the ambassadors of Spain and Belgium for a "harsh rebuke" over comments by the two countries' leaders, accusing them of supporting "terrorism".

"Condemning the vile terrorist attacks of a terrorist group like Hamas and at the same condemning the indiscriminate killing of Palestinians in Gaza, is not a question of political parties nor of ideology, it is a question of being humane," Sanchez told a gathering of his Socialist Party in Madrid to applause from the audience.

Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares told public television on Friday he had called in the Israeli ambassador to lodge a formal protest against the Israeli government's allegations.

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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Nov 27th, 2023 at 03:30:25 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Nov 27th, 2023 at 07:53:12 PM EST
To What Extent Does Hamas Represent the Palestinians? | JCPA - 6 Nov. 2023 |

Jerusalem Center expert Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser, former head of the Research Division of IDF Military Intelligence

We hear repeatedly from Western leaders including President Biden himself that Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people. I beg to differ. There's a big part of the Palestinian people that consider Hamas their representative, not only in the Gaza street but even in Judea and Samaria. Hamas represents a very important part of the Palestinian people, something to bear in mind when we speak of "the day after" the war. On the ground, many Gazan civilians followed Hamas operatives into Israel to loot and murder, while in the streets of Gaza the attacks were celebrated.

On Arabic Social Media, the October 7 Massacre Was Seen as an Historic Victory for Islam

As evident on Arabic social media, the October 7 massacre was seen as an historic victory for Islam. For years, both nationalistic, "secular" Fatah and Muslim Brotherhood, Islamist Hamas have used similar Quran-based, anti-Jewish rhetoric. Hamas' late religious leader, Sheikh Yousef Kardawi, encouraged terrorist acts against Jews in Israel, such as suicide bombings. Hatred for Israel and the Jews has kept Hamas popular despite its corruption and oppression of its citizens.

Both Hamas and Fatah share the same narrative: the denial of a Jewish identity and an opposition to Zionism - Jewish sovereignty in nation-state form. They see Jews negatively and hope to replace Israel entirely. Hamas' aggressive, Islamist interpretation of Islam glorifies murder and cruelty towards those it considers enemies of Islam.

Concurrently with this aggressive rhetoric, Hamas and the PA market a component of Palestinian victimhood that demonizes Israelis to both their public and to the West.

Willful Blindness on the Part of the West

On their part, the West and the international community share a willful blindness in recognizing that Hamas represents a large part of the Palestinian population, and that Fatah's ideology is similar to that of Hamas. Admitting this would mean the West must accept Israel's claims about the difficulty of making peace with the Palestinians. The West prefers to believe that the defeat of Hamas will meet a cooperative population that would welcome a moderate leadership.

Who are the potential future Palestinian leaders after the IDF operation and after Mahmoud Abbas? The candidates are not promising. The once important PLO leader Muhammad Dahlan, originally from Gaza, now living in Abu Dhabi, is virulently anti-Israel, much like his corrupt and duplicitous mentor, Yasir Arafat. Salam Fayad is another leadership option, but is considered too weak to prevent terror in Gaza. Both are committed to the anti-Israel narrative.

Will other Arabs intervene? It is unlikely that the Gulf will intervene politically but they probably will assist Gaza economically. On their side, the PA said through Prime Minister Mohamed Shtayeh that the PLO is not interested in returning to Gaza unless it means the establishment of a permanent Palestinian state, an upgrade in the international community.

The BBC reporter kept the Israeli spokesperson on a short leash ... well done ... Kuperwasser didn't succeed to get his biased view and a free ride on the IDF war narrative ... war crimes and abuse of human rights.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Mon Nov 27th, 2023 at 07:54:24 PM EST
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Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser - Is Israeli and American Disagreement Inevitable?

Timeline: The 2021 Gaza War Followed a Long Record of Hamas-Initiated Attacks | JCPA - 4 July 2021 |

The May 10-21, 2021, Hamas-Israel hostilities did not erupt out of nowhere. They followed a long record of Hamas-initiated attacks, clashes, developments in internal Palestinian politics, rearmament, and Iranian incitement since the 2014 ceasefire. Hamas and its defenders claim the massive Hamas rocket barrages came as an answer to relatively minor events on the ground in Jerusalem.

The following illustrated timeline identifies seminal events related to Gaza since the 2014 ceasefire, including Hamas-Islamic Jihad-Iran activity, Hamas threats and attacks, and important events during the 11-day fighting.

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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Nov 27th, 2023 at 07:56:53 PM EST
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'We want the PA to have stability and prosperity, even if we have to fund it' | TOI - 23 Sept. 2012 |

Strategic Affairs Ministry head Yossi Kuperwasser is not concerned about protests in the Palestinian territories turning into another intifada

As the director-general of Strategic Affairs Ministry, Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser has spent a lot of time researching Palestinian incitement against Israel and Jews.

Under his tutelage, the ministry earlier this year published an Incitement Index, which listed numerous examples of statements made by senior Palestinian Authority officials who ostensibly demonized Israel, insulted Jews, marginalized the Holocaust and radiated a general unwillingness for peace and reconciliation.

"The incitement done by the Palestinian Authority is in my mind the main obstacle to peace," Kuperwasser said when the index was published in August. The document also showed that the PA spends huge sums of its tight budget paying monthly salaries to the families of terrorists and security prisoners

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after consulting with Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, ordered the transfer of a NIS 250 million advance from tax revenues collected by Israel to help the PA deal with its mounting economic worries. Angry and at times violent protests had swept through the Palestinian territories as the PA announced it had trouble paying employees' salaries.

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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Nov 27th, 2023 at 08:00:44 PM EST
My two comments posted @TikunOlam


Biden and his security team is still full throttle in support of Israel, complicity to war crimes ... the 2-state option already evaporated during 8 years of the Obama-Biden administration ... hard lessons not learned ... Biden team had the chance to better the situation of the Palestinian people for nearly three years and failed. Supporting the ill-conceived Trump-Kushner-Abu Dhabi Abraham Accords ... bypassing rights of Palestine ... Joe now partner in erasure of Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank. SHAME

... own problems with right wingers/populists ...

Add-on effects of 9/11 Al Qaeda attacks on America and Netanyahu declaring Palestinians are same as AQ terrorists and Israel should wipe them out ... got a free hand. Palestinian resistance is not illegal. The same persons and organizations in the US considered the Israel lobby, funding right-wing populists across Europe for anti-Islam provocation ...creating division on a path of so-called "Clash of Civilization".

The single member party of Geert Wilders gets large sums from groups like Daniel Pipes, Gatestone Institute, Mercer Family, Robert Shillman (UK Tommy Robinson), David Horowitz Freedom Center, Koch Bros., ... see links to FEAR Inc. Richard has blogged on this topic many times over.

John Bolton chairs the Islamophobic Gatestone Institute

Rosenwald is the heiress to the Sears Roebuck fortune. A 2011 report by the Center for American Progress found that since 2001, Rosenwald, through her family foundation, the William Rosenwald Family Fund, donated more than $2.8 million to "organizations that fan the flames of Islamophobia." Donations are received by the German AfD party surging in the polls today.

My only wish for many decades for leaders directly involved to show courage ... my conclusion today is as long as the "Biblical claim" for Eretz Yisrael gets a nod above International law and UNSC Resolutions for a Palestinian State, the ugliness will endure for many years. The destruction in Israel's domestic politics by the present Netanyahu-Ben Gvir administration has shut the door for any viable peace.

I watched and listened to Yossi Kuperwasser interview on BBC News today. 😡 so sad. No hope whatsoever.

Listen to the views and policy of our Islamophobe politician Geert Wilders ... Dutch people of the Islam faith have lived in fear from racism and discrimination, now fear pogroms and indiscriminate killings. Same already happened in Germany with the Turkish community and extreme rightwing terror.

Geert Wilders in 2010: Transfer Palestinians to Jordan - [video]

Related reading ..

Rise of Populism Based on Terror and Islamophobia | 7 Dec. 2018 |

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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Nov 28th, 2023 at 12:10:58 AM EST

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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Nov 28th, 2023 at 12:11:37 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Dec 4th, 2023 at 07:18:21 PM EST
Did Israeli PM Netanyahu start Bombing Gaza Again to Stay out of Jail and Appease Fascists in his Cabinet? | Juan Cole - 2 Dec. 2023 |

Biden did not tell us, and nor did the sorry excuse for "news" in the US that the "pause" was voted against by the Jewish Power faction in the Israeli cabinet and that the exchange of Hamas hostages for Israeli ones was viscerally opposed by that bloc as well as across the board on the powerful Israeli far right because violent Israeli squatters in the Palestinian West Bank feared the release of "terrorists" who would return to their homes and pose a threat to the invading squatters [h/t BBC News]. Since Israel only agreed to release women and minors, those Israeli squatters must be real snowflakes.

Jewish Power leader and Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir branded the released Palestinians "terrorists," and attacked Netanyahu for agreeing to their release. Ben Gvir has been convicted of support of a terrorist organization and of racist incitement in the past and his party was on the US State Department terrorism watch list. So I guess, you know, he fancies himself an expert on who is a terrorist.

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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Dec 4th, 2023 at 07:19:04 PM EST
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"Anything but 'great friendship'": Outrage in the settlement illegal occupied Palestinian territory after the report on America's demand that M16 rifles not reach the drives in Joch | Israel Hayom |

"The American demand not to provide weapons to the alert squads of the Judea and Samaria West Bank authorities is anything but 'great friendship,'" Yesha Council Chairman Shlomo Ne'eman said in response to a promise not to transfer M16 rifles to the alert squads in the settlement.

"Over half a million residents of Judea and Samaria West Bank face daily terrorist attacks by resistance fighters, and only last Thursday we lost Elhanan Klein in a shooting attack.

"Blood libel by B'Tselem and Yesh Din"

Judea and Samaria West Bank notes that the culprits for the erroneous image, they claim, of the settlers are left-wing organizations operating in the region and reporting to bodies abroad. "At a time when our best sons are fighting in Gaza, we are subjected to vicious attacks of blood libels against our residents by extreme left-wing organizations such as B'Tselem and Yesh Din. Instead of an airlift equipping the alert squads to defend against enemy attack, we are denied the right to defend ourselves and our children. This false and irresponsible campaign, God forbid, will cost blood."

"They won't differentiate between blood and blood here"

Samaria Council head Yossi Dagan also addressed the report. "Someone here got confused," Dagan said. "The residents of Judea and Samaria West Bank are in immense danger. The fear is that what happened in the south will happen in Judea and Samaria communities adjacent to the Palestinian villages of the terrorist Palestinian Authority."

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir next to weapons distributed in Ashkelon, photo: Reuters

"We must not surrender to a campaign that slanders half a million citizens of the State of Israel. At a time when 80% of the men in Judea and Samaria West Bank are enlisted and entire families are left alone, in concern for the father of the family, they need to hear and see the leaders of this country encouraging the blood libel campaign that blackens the settlers instead of denying it. I demand that the prime minister now inform the Americans that weapons will be given to all soldiers, including those living in Judea and Samaria West Bank. They will not differentiate between blood and blood here."

The "Martial Doctrine" organization said in response, "If the report is true, it is a national disgrace, and a knife in the back in wartime. It turns out that the anti-Semitic campaign of 'settler violence,' which is intended entirely to cover up the Nazi Arabs who support Hamas in the heart of our country, is reaching a stage: the stage of surrendering to anti-Semitic elements in the US administration."

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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Dec 4th, 2023 at 07:20:14 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Dec 4th, 2023 at 07:20:43 PM EST
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