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SBU As a Terror Network

by Oui Fri Mar 10th, 2023 at 02:01:17 PM EST

Accusation of sabotage Nord Stream 1 & 2 gas pipelines under Baltic Sea bed ...

Ian Bremmer his $0.02 worth ... 🤣

Do not expect a non-Western opinion from Ian ... 🔥 Atlanticism  #wearenato

Build on the experience of KGB in Soviet era Ukraine ...

Got to admit, the SBU just gets more evil every day. Turns out they had a terrorist network operating here in Tiraspol that was just dismantled by the MGB (PMR's state security service).

The ringleader was born in Tiraspol but moved to Odessa 12 years ago - seems to be a rather low-life thug with numerous criminal arrests, stuff like stealing cars and selling drugs.

The other two members of the network were Ukrainians posing as refugees in PMR.
Turns out that these people have been installing trackers in gov't officials cars for SIX MONTHS.

The two "refugees" then imported an expensive Land Rover and packed the driver's side door with 8kg of plastic explosives plus ball bearings, screws, etc. The plan was to detonate the car near a gov't building and use the shrapnel to maximize casualties.

Utterly reprehensible. I have to admit PMR President Krasnoselsky for doing the responsible thing and calling on people NOT to take revenge against (innocent) Ukrainians or let this thing turn into an outburst of ethnic violence.

Posted by: Sam (in Tiraspol) | Mar 10 2023 7:49 utc | 234

Transnistria: Ukraine denies attempt on Moldova separatist leader | BBC News |

President's Office on "terrorist act" in Transnistria: Kremlin creates fakes to attack Moldova

Mykhailo Podoliak, advisor to the Head of the President's Office, has said that Ukraine has no motives or intentions to commit a "terrorist attack" in Transnistria, and that the accusations of the occupiers are part of Russia's plan to attack Moldova.

RF is trying to attack Moldova. Methods are obvious.
Stage 1: announcing Ukraine's "invasion" of Transnistria.
Stage 2: attempt to organize a coup in Chișinău.
Now stage 3: falsely accusing Ukraine of preparing a "terrorist attack" in Transnistria.

Predictable lies in everything.

Ukraine decries allegations of "special operation" to arrest Wagner PMC troops as "fake story" | Unian UA - 19 Aug. 2020 |

They were "invented by Russians, and the goal was to turn everyone against us," the official stresses.

Allegations about the "disruption of a special operation" by Ukraine's intelligence aimed to arrest Wagner PMC militants are nothing but "media provocation", says an advisor to the Ukrainian President's Office chief, Mykhailo Podoliak.

Nature of allegations

On August 18, editor-in-chief of the Censor.Net outlet, Yuriy Butusov, took to Facebook to allege, citing unnamed sources, that the situation with the emergence of Wagner PMC's mercenaries in Belarus was part of a secret operation conducted by the SBU Security Service of Ukraine and the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, aimed to arrest and prosecute the men who committed crimes in the Donbas warzone.

Inside Wagnergate: Ukraine's Brazen Sting Operation to Snare Russian Mercenaries (Nov. 2021) | Belling¿cat Amsterdam HQ |

NATO and allies attempting to open a second or third front in a broad attack on the Russian Federation ... Kazachstan in January 2022, riots in Tsiblisi Georgia, terror attack in Transnistria.

The Government of Moldova currently views the presence of Russian troops in Moldova as illegitimate and has called for their withdrawal and replacement by international forces. Russia however has opposed this. On 15 March 2022, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe recognized Transnistria as a Moldovan territory occupied by Russia.

EP Welcomes the Council decision to scale up assistance to the Republic of Moldova under the European Peace Facility

Council of Europe Designates Transnistria `Russian Occupied Territory' | Balkan Insight |

Russia already said it was quitting the CoE, which it joined in 1996, leaving before it was expelled. As such, it will no longer be a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights, and its citizens will no longer be able to file applications to the European Court of Human Rights ECHR.

Various conflicts in which Russia is involved around the Black Sea - in Ukraine and Georgia - were also condemned in PACE's opinion.

EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine -- Settling conflicts in the neighbourhood | 2005 |

EU Supported Yushchenko Advocate Complot Theory

Nonsense ... pure Russophobic war propaganda because he can ...

According to Viktor Yushchenko, Lech Kaczynski was a very smart leader who "was a proponent of the Polish role as the regional political leader and an advocate for Ukraine that will make Europe accessible for Kyiv". EurActiv.com also noted that in as much as most publications report the sudden incident was as a result of mere human negligence, "many in PiS including Jaroslaw Kaczynski believe it was a plot by Russian President Vladimir Putin and then prime minister Donald Tusk, who later became European Council President who had difficult relationship with both Kaczynski brothers."

Kaczyński: Smolensk crash "was attack decided at highest level of Kremlin"

Update on Crash Tupolev 154M at Smolensk | Oui @BooMan on Apr 12, 2010 |

Saturday 10 April 2010 Time: 10:41 Type: Tupolev Tu-154M Operator: Polish Air Force

The crew continued preparations for an approach to runway 26 at the Smolensk Air Base. The cockpit door was open and during the approach there were two passengers present on the flight deck.

Meanwhile, visibility worsened to 200 m. This information was transmitted to the crew at 10:37. The crew requested permission to carry out a 'trial' approach to decision height (100 m) and asked the controller to expect a go around.

About 18 seconds before impact the terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS) sounded: "Pull up", followed by an aural warning: "TERRAIN AHEAD". About 5 seconds before impact the autopilot and autothrottle were disconnected in order to execute a go around. The airplane contacted upsloping terrain at a distance of about 1100 meters from the runway and 40 m to the left of extended centreline. The aircraft height at that point was 15 m below the level of the runway threshold. The left wing struck a large tree causing the airplane to roll inverted. The Tu-154 crashed and broke up. [Source: Investigation Report Aviation Herald]

The impact of the downing of Flight MH17 on Dutch foreign policy towards Russia | RU Leiden - Aug. 2020 |

The Dutch government initially took on a cautious position as it was hoping Russia could be convinced to cooperate with the investigation. However as the Kremlin continually spreads disinformation about Flight MH17 and consistently seeks to discredit and undermine the investigations, the Dutch government started to use more confrontational and less accommodating diplomatic tools. This is evidenced by the way in which the Dutch government exposed the foiled OPCW hacking attempt by the GRU as well as how it criticised Russia's behaviour surrounding the downing of Flight MH17.

West Point Terrorism Center, "The Nexus Between Far-Right Extremists in the United States and Ukraine", 2020
Abstract: Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups in the United States and Europe have become more active and dangerous in the last decade and have developed a much deeper online presence. This has helped them establish closer transnational contacts. One common preoccupation for both individuals and groups has been the conflict in Ukraine, where a well-established far-right extremist movement and its associated militia have consistently engaged with and welcomed far-right ideologues and fighters from other parts of Europe and North America.

Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups are a growing preoccupation for security services and intelligence agencies in the United States and Europe. Fragmented and loosely organized, they are difficult to track. But their members frequently interact across borders and continents, thanks to encrypted messaging tools and online forums. Hundreds also travel between North America and Europe, with Ukraine emerging as a favored destination for a significant number of American far-right extremists....

by Cat on Fri Mar 10th, 2023 at 08:43:31 PM EST

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The RQ-9 Reaper is an unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Reconnaissance Drone capable of remotely controlled or autonomous flight operations developed by industries within the Orion Nero Initiative. The primary purpose of the RQ-9 Reaper, is to assist the E-30 Valkyrie in Electronic Warfare Support by identifying and locating enemy positions and strengths.

Its responsibility is to provide Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) overwatch for Special Operations Detachment units and ONI Ground Forces in an area of operations and ensure that they are not heading into harms way.

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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Mar 14th, 2023 at 06:28:11 PM EST

A Terrible Peace Plan for Ukraine | Progress Pond |

Now, maybe Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska is wrong that Russia is on the brink of running out of money, and desperately needs foreign support, but it seems wildly optimistic to think it can sustain its current strategy in perpetuity without some kind of military breakthrough. Perhaps that's why Mr. Meaney believes they can be persuaded to negotiate.

But we're forced to consider why this war was launched in the first place. The roots go back to the 2013-14 Euromaiden protests that forced President Viktor Yanukovych out of power. And what was Yanukovych's sin? He backed out of an agreement to integrate Ukraine with the European Union. Putin reacted by spurring an armed separatist movement in the Donbas region and then annexing Crimea. But that wasn't enough to stem Ukraine's drift to the West, so he concocted his plan to invade and entirely take over Ukraine.

The point is, setting aside Putin's dreams of restoring a Greater Russian Empire, the motivation has always been to keep Ukraine out of the European Union, and certainly out of NATO. It's very hard to see Putin reversing himself on either of those positions. Perhaps, more precisely, there's no reason to trust any promises he might make in this respect, even if it leads to some cessation of the fighting.

It seems much more promising to pursue almost the opposite tack, which is to promise that if he gives up the territory he's seized, Ukraine will not join NATO and that some economic agreement can be arranged that falls somewhat short of full integration with Europe. A free and unmolested Ukraine is more valuable than a divided Ukraine under constant threat of further aggression. Let's not forget that Russian promises have to be credible, and that means that some of their key concerns must be addressed.

This kite won't fly ...

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We reveal new facts about the network of Russian spies in Poland | RMF24 |

At least 50 electronic spying devices were installed by a network of agents working on behalf of the Russian intelligence, broken up by the Internal Security Agency. As revealed by RMF FM, the liquidated group monitored transports with military aid to Ukraine and was supposed to prepare sabotage actions in Poland. As confirmed by the services, activities related to the liquidation of the network are continued.

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by Oui (Oui) on Thu Mar 16th, 2023 at 02:42:12 PM EST
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