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Lt. Col. Syrsky to Further UA War Debacle

by Oui Sat Feb 10th, 2024 at 03:10:08 PM EST

Serious issue a lack of manpower and munitions

El ejército de Ucrania contrata mercenarios colombianos //
The Ukrainian army hires Colombian mercenaries

¿Mercenarios o voluntarios? La necesidad económica empuja a veteranos colombianos a Ucrania

Cientos de veteranos colombianos se han ofrecido como voluntarios para pelear por Ucrania por la oportunidad de ganar al menos el triple de lo que pueden conseguir en su país.

Zaluzhnyi denies requesting mobilization of 500,000 conscripts | Kyiv Independent - 26 Dec. 2023 |

Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief  Valerii Zaluzhnyi said on Dec. 26 that the military had not submitted a formal request for the mobilization of 500,000 people.

On Dec. 25, David Arakhamia, head of President Volodymyr Zelensky's Servant of the People faction in parliament, said that the military command had submitted a request to the government to mobilize 500,000 conscripts.

Meanwhile, Zaluzhnyi also said that the military had a plan on the number of mobilized conscripts for 2024.

"As for this number, we have generated it for the next year, it of course takes into account the coverage of the current kit, the formation of new military units, and also the projection of our losses that we may suffer in 2024. I can't divulge the numbers for each of these indicators. This is a military secret," he said at a news briefing.

Speaking about the Cabinet's draft law regarding amendments to the mobilization process, Zaluzhnyi said that he is not involved in the decisions of who can be deferred from recruitment.

Zaluzhny Finally Sacked as Chaos Reigns in AFU

There's a lot to unpack. Let's start with the mentions in the video above of needing a general who is on the frontline, and who understands the Avdeevka situation, as well as others, deeply. This appears to be a riff on the stereotype that Zelensky/Yermak and their team were trying to seed the ground with, characterizing Zaluzhny as someone who `never leaves his office'. These are just small, subtle threads in the narrative fabric they attempted to weave together to undermine Zaluzhny. In reality, there's no real evidence that Zaluzhny behaved in the way they accuse him of.

Following this news, a meltdown of epic proportions has ensued in the Ukrainian commentariat--the top names and influencers are not taking this news well ...

Interesting analysis reporter France24 in Ukraine

Ukraine's Zelensky replaces top general Zaluzhny with Syrsky in dramatic military shakeup | France24 |

Volodymyr Zelensky has named Oleksandr Syrsky as the new commander in chief of Ukraine's armed forces. Syrsky was the commander of the ground forces and one of the two men tipped to suceed Valery Zaluzhny in the months of speculation about the possibility that Zaluzhny would be dismissed. Click on the video report by Gulliver Cragg, FRANCE 24's correspondent in Ukraine for more information.

U.S. Military Publications Praise Syrsky to Heaven

Zelenskyy's new military chief has played key roles in big Ukraine wins, including Kyiv's defense | Stars and Stripes - 8 Feb. 2024 |

The man Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy named to lead the country's military has played a key role in some of Ukraine's biggest victories in its war with Russia, including overseeing the successful defense of the capital in the early days of the invasion.

Col. Gen. Oleksandr Syrski, who had been commander of Ukraine's ground forces, takes over the head job at a challenging time. With the war poised to enter its third year, morale is low, the military is facing shortages of ammunition and personnel, and Kyiv is struggling to maintain support from the West.

The choice of Syrski as chief commander is hardly a surprise, as few in the Ukrainian military have the experience and know-how to be able to fill the shoes of his popular predecessor, Gen. Valerii Zaluzhnyi. Syrski's battlefield successes have earned him the backing of his soldiers, who have been locked in grinding battles for two years.

In September 2022, Syrksi was credited with orchestrating the counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region, which was the most significant Ukrainian victory in the war and enabled Kyiv to retake the cities of Kupiansk and Izium from the Russians.

He has also led the Bakhmut operation, which was the war's longest and bloodiest and which has been criticized because of the high losses suffered by Ukrainian forces.

Source dKos -- Ukraine update: Russia wants out of Kherson, as the reality of their trap finally dawns on them | dKos staff - 13 Sept. 2022 |

Deal? And now STFU and go away

No alternative to war inside the European Union anymore ... reminder of Germany in the 1930s under fascism and Goebbels propaganda. The next great war over Europe ... a matter of time.

Big Israel comedy

Ukraine War Day #717: More Syrsky Fun Facts - Part I

...Okay, let's handle these two pieces in the order in which I read them. Salkova's piece is short and to the point. Seems like she did what a good reporter should do: She took a trip to Vladimir and started sneaking through the bushes of one of the houses adjacent to the dacha owned by Syrsky's parents. She was able to find a nosy neighbor willing to dish dirt on the Syrsky family....

Little Israel tragedy

dailsabah | Germany scraps plans to remove 'race' from constitution

..."Josef Schuster, the head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, had spoken out against removing the term, reasoning that it served as a reminder of the persecution and murder of millions of people, "especially Jews."

Paragraph three states that "no person shall be favored or disfavoured because of sex, parentage, race, language, homeland and origin, faith or religious or political opinions."....

The search for no person "inclusivity" continues, because mental disorder is a communicable disease.

by Cat on Sat Feb 10th, 2024 at 08:53:24 PM EST
whitehouse.gov | Remarks by President Biden and Chancellor Olaf Mitterrand of Germany Before Bilateral Meeting , 9 Feb
BIDEN: We are. We are.

But I—especially want to—I'd like to add another point: The failure of the United States Congress, if it occurs, not to support Ukraine is close to criminal neglect. It is outrageous.

Kissinger was right when he said: Not since Napoleon has Europe not looked over its shoulder and worried about Russia—until now.

You and I helped put NATO together in a way it hadn't been a long time [1955]. So much is at stake, so they better step up.

by Cat on Sat Feb 10th, 2024 at 09:47:30 PM EST
Just posted a reminder on US Armed Forces and another genocide in the Nixon-Kissinger era in SE Asia.

Pacification of Palestinians, Memories of Vietnam

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Sat Feb 10th, 2024 at 10:09:48 PM EST
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