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Navalny Gone ... Assange Next?

by Oui Fri Feb 16th, 2024 at 04:02:03 PM EST

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Wikileaks reveals video showing US air crew shooting down Iraqi civilians | The Guardian - 5 April 2010 |

Footage of July 2007 attack made public as Pentagon identifies website as threat to national security

A secret video showing US air crew falsely claiming to have encountered a firefight in Baghdad and then laughing at the dead after launching an air strike that killed a dozen people, including two Iraqis working for Reuters news agency, was revealed by Wikileaks today.

The footage of the July 2007 attack was made public in a move that will further anger the Pentagon, which has drawn up a report identifying the whistleblower website as a threat to national security. The US defence department was embarrassed when that confidential report appeared on the Wikileaks site last month alongside a slew of military documents. 

The release of the video from Baghdad also comes shortly after the US military admitted that its special forces attempted to cover up the killings of three Afghan women in a raid in February by digging the bullets out of their bodies. 

The newly released video of the Baghdad attacks was recorded on one of two Apache helicopters hunting for insurgents on 12 July 2007. Among the dead were a 22-year-old Reuters photographer, Namir Noor-Eldeen, and his driver, Saeed Chmagh, 40. The Pentagon blocked an attempt by Reuters to obtain the video through a freedom of information request. Wikileaks director Julian Assange said his organisation had to break through encryption by the military to view it. 

In the recording, the helicopter crews can be heard discussing the scene on the street below. One American claims to have spotted six people with AK-47s and one with a rocket-propelled grenade. It is unclear if some of the men are armed but Noor-Eldeen can be seen with a camera. Chmagh is talking on his mobile phone.

One of the helicopter crew is then heard saying that one of the group is shooting. But the video shows there is no shooting or even pointing of weapons. The men are standing around, apparently unperturbed. 

The lead helicopter, using the moniker Crazyhorse, opens fire. "Hahaha. I hit 'em," shouts one of the American crew. Another responds a little later: "Oh yeah, look at those dead bastards."

Attacks, arrests, threats, censorship: The high risks of reporting the Israel-Gaza war | COJ - 16 Feb. 2024 |

Journalists in Gaza face particularly high risks as they try to cover the conflict during the Israeli ground assault, including devastating Israeli airstrikes, disrupted communications, supply shortages, and extensive power outages.

As of February 16:

CPJ is also investigating numerous unconfirmed reports of other journalists being killed, missing, detained, hurt, or threatened, and of damage to media offices and journalists' homes.

Europe going all-out for victory in Ukraine whatever the cost may be ... in the footsteps of Sweden Nordic states, Napoleon and Nazi Germany of Adolf Hitler some eighty years ago ... what peace? ☮️

back to Russia after dramatic flight to Germany for life-saving medical procedures. I'll never understand the rationale that informed that decision, just as I'll never understand why French people elected Sarko, then switched to Mr Normal.

This eulogy, however, is hardly surprising.

At Munich, news of Navalny's death spread through the Bayerischer Hof hotel, leading to gasps and a blip of silence. Cramped hallways filled with talk about the passing of the staunch Putin critic, with some attendees suggesting the Kremlin timed it to the conference.
After all, the theme of this year's MSC is "lose-lose", illustrated with cover girl Kamala?! and Big Data visualization of the comparative wealth of nations.
by Cat on Fri Feb 16th, 2024 at 07:02:37 PM EST

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