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US-Israel Deal to Cut UNRWA Aid for Munitions

by Oui Tue Feb 6th, 2024 at 08:30:48 PM EST

Crown prince Mohammed bin Salman as traitor of the Palestinian cause ... normalisation initiative blocked by the power of King Salman and his court.

As the White House and US Congress stand ready to cut UNRWA humanitarian aid for more lethal arms, weapons and bunker busting bombs ...

Entry into the Zionist Fantasy World of Fascism

Facts in another Fascist State Washington DC

House to vote on GOP's new standalone Israel aid bill | CBS News |

The House is expected to vote on a new stand-alone bill to provide billions of dollars of aid to Israel, complicating efforts in the Senate to rally support for a bipartisan national security bill that House GOP leaders oppose.

House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Louisiana Republican, announced the legislation that would send $17.6 billion to Israel in a letter to colleagues on Saturday, one day before the unveiling of the Senate's broader security package.

Johnson is bringing the bill to the floor using a maneuver that requires the support of two-thirds of the House to pass, a high bar given opposition from both the right and the left.

House and Senate Israel aid bills face unclear path forward

Biden has vowed to veto the House's standalone bill, which may not have the votes to pass, while Senate Republicans will likely block a procedural vote on the Senate package this week

Blinken In Doha, Qatar

Israel's war on Gaza live: Hamas responds 'positively' to captive deal | Al Jazeera - 2 hrs ago |


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