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Sverige Lägger ner Nord Streams Explosions-utredning

by Oui Thu Feb 8th, 2024 at 09:14:20 AM EST

Åklagaren Mats Ljungqvist vid Åklagarmyndigheten säger i ett uttalande att utredningen har varit systematisk och grundlig saknar

Åklagaren lägger ner Nord Stream-utredning | Aftonbladet |

Sweden drops Nord Stream explosions investigation

An attack on crucial European infrastructure, the coward Swedes now claim they lack jurisdiction. The death of the European Union as an economic powerhouse.

One certainty, it wasn't Russia ...

Sweden closes 'probe' into Nord Stream pipelines explosion | EuroNews |

The undersea explosions ruptured the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which was Russia's main natural gas supply route to Germany until Russia cut off supplies at the end of August that year.

The blasts also damaged the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which never entered service because Germany suspended its certification process shortly before Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022.

The detonations took place about 80 metres underwater on the ocean floor in the Baltic Sea in the economic zones of Sweden and Denmark. Seismic measurements indicated that explosions took place shortly before the leaks were discovered.

Calling a halt

Public prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist of the Swedish Prosecution Authority said in a statement that its investigation "has been systematic and thorough".

"Against the background of our current situation, we can state that Swedish jurisdiction does not apply," he declared.

The prosecution authority said the primary purpose of its investigation was "to establish whether Swedish citizens were involved in the act and whether Swedish territory was used to carry out the act. This would thereby risk damaging Swedish interests or security". 

Sweden as a nation lost all credibility ...


Who Hides the Evidence of Nord Stream Sabotage?

Denmark and Germany are also examining the circumstances surrounding the blasts, and Sweden said it would hand evidence uncovered in their probe over to German investigators.

The investigation of the German Federal Public Prosecutor's Office was ongoing. "No further information will be provided at this time," a spokeswoman said.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov described the closing of the Swedish probe as "a remarkable decision." "Of course, now we need to see how Germany itself reacts to this, as a country that has lost a lot in relation to this terrorist attack," he said.

Copenhagen police, who are leading the Danish investigation, have said their investigation is not yet complete but an announcement is expected "within a short time."

Schweden stellt Nordstream-Ermittlungen ein | tagesschau |

Schweden ermittelt nicht länger im Fall Nordstream: Die Sabotage der Pipelines habe sich nicht gegen das Land gerichtet, hieß es. Russland kritisierte die Einstellung der Ermittlungen - Deutschland will seine Untersuchung fortsetzen.

Schweden stellt die Ermittlungen zu den Explosionen an den Nord-Stream-Pipelines vom September 2022 ein. Die Gerichte des Landes seien dafür nicht zuständig, begründete die schwedische Staatsanwaltschaft ihre Entscheidung. Die Ermittlungen hätten gezeigt, dass sich die Sabotage nicht gegen Schweden gerichtet und daher auch keine Gefährdung der schwedischen Sicherheit dargestellt habe. Die ARD hatte bereits gestern über das Vorhaben der schwedischen Behörden berichtet.

An den Gaspipelines Nord Stream 1 und 2, die von Russland durch die Ostsee nach Deutschland führen, waren am 26. und 27. September 2022 insgesamt vier Lecks entdeckt worden. Zwei der Lecks befanden sich in der schwedischen und zwei in der dänischen Wirtschaftszone. Deutschland, Dänemark und Schweden nahmen daraufhin Ermittlungen auf.

In Schweden sollen die Ermittlungen zu den Anschlägen auf die Nord-Stream-Pipelines offenbar eingestellt werden. Davon könnten nun deutsche Strafverfolger profitieren.

Вячеслав Володин: НАТО разрушит Европейский союз

«Пока Германия пытается найти виновных в теракте на «Северных потоках», Швеция уже закрыла расследование на основании, что подозреваемых установить не удалось», — напомнил Вячеслав Володин .

По его словам, когда во всем мире обсуждают конкретных виновных и то, кому выгоден был этот теракт, шведская прокуратура ведет себя по принципу: «ничего не вижу, ничего не слышу, никому ничего не скажу».

«Это не случайно. Швеция проходит процедуру вступления в НАТО — структуру американского гегемонизма», — подчеркнул Председатель ГД, отметив, что в этой ситуации Стокгольм не может рассказать правду о взрывах на «Северных потоках».

«Ведь главный идеолог и страна, без участия которой не обошлось, — это Соединенные Штаты. А исполнитель — Украина, — считает Вячеслав Володин. — Скажешь правду — обретешь проблемы. Вашингтон такого не простит».

«Поэтому прокуратура Швеции пошла на подлог, сокрытие преступления, которое в первую очередь нанесло ущерб Германии, Нидерландам, Франции», — добавил он.

"Now we will need to see how Germany reacts to this, because the country lost a lot because of this terrorist attack, gave up a lot due to the proxy war by Ukraine. German taxpayers are suffering, German firms and companies are suffering, they are losing their competitiveness, they are losing their profitability without Nord Stream gas supply. It will be interesting how meticulously the German authorities will approach this investigation," Peskov said.

Warning: NATO disinformation may harm your ability to find the facts. Waiting for China's AI development to sort things out 😊 ... only troubled source left is Ukraine's Pravda ☹

Dutch authorities warned CIA about alleged 'Ukrainian plan' to destroy Nord Stream | Brussels Times - 15 June 2023 | [not nice of Mark Rutte ... loses some UA bonus points]

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Thu Feb 8th, 2024 at 11:39:57 AM EST

The Americans were warned, had extensive Naval exercises with NATO partners ... didn't see anything, no satellite date useful to find the culprits ... not like the exercise to find the culprits of MH-17 in a warzone in July 2014. Open Skies treaty

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Thu Feb 8th, 2024 at 11:40:53 AM EST
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Seymour Hersh: My Year On Substack

I revealed the flaws in the White House's flailing project in Ukraine; broke news about the Israeli government's plans to flatten the Gaza Strip; uncovered secret missions to make peace with Russia. I shared stories of my time reporting on Henry Kissinger, listening to Harold Pinter, and learning from Daniel Ellsberg. And, of course, I revealed the Biden administration's role in the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline--a story I have continued to cover throughout the year.

The White House, predictably, has never acknowledged the truth about what President Biden ordered, but I can't help noticing that, one year ago, their cover story was to blame Russia, and today they (NATO allies) promote a completely different set of facts.

There's a lot more to do--and believe me, I'm up for it.

We have a president who is struggling, but remains fanatically determined to keep pursuing the same failed strategies--even as the wars he's helped unleash spiral out of control. We have a military full of capable leaders, but increasingly incapable of pushing back against the White House. And we have a Congress that is, put simply, too politically unhinged to carry out even its most basic responsibilities.

These are all political issues, but my promise to you remains the same: this is not a column of political views, but a column based on information from the inside that I believe the American public needs to hear.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Thu Feb 8th, 2024 at 09:06:23 PM EST

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