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RFU OP: Tajikistan and Khorasan Deception Part 2

by Oui Wed Mar 27th, 2024 at 09:51:17 AM EST

I will skip one diary nearly finished, elements have been posted @MofA yesterday ... my own bits of information to sketch the complete picture has been accomplished by Pepe Escobar on his favorite website.

The Nuland - Budanov - Tajik - Crocus connection

Today also published on ZeroHedge ... I will start at the ending, and work backward to fill the gaps I was working on.

Who is Budanov - GUR intelligence covert acts behind enemy lines

December 4, 2023:

Former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen Mark Milley, only 3 months after his retirement, tells CIA mouthpiece The Washington Post: “There should be no Russian who goes to sleep without wondering if they’re going to get their throat slit in the middle of the night (…) You gotta get back there and create a campaign behind the lines.”

January 4, 2024:
In an interview with ABC News, “spy chief” Kyrylo Budanov lays down the road map: strikes “deeper and deeper” into Russia.

January 31:
Victoria Nuland travels to Kiev and meets Budanov. Then, in a dodgy press conference at night in the middle of an empty street, she promises “nasty surprises” to Putin: code for asymmetric war.

February 22:
Nuland shows up at a Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) event and doubles down on the “nasty surprises” and asymmetric war. That may be interpreted as the definitive signal for Budanov to start deploying dirty ops.

Kerch Bridge Attack

Beware the Explosive Vessels | RAND - 20 Oct 2022 |

One possible cause of the explosion from below is an uncrewed surface vehicle (USV)--a vessel without people. Divers' payloads are inherently limited, so having them plant enough explosives to damage the bridge would have required numerous clandestine trips. Uncrewed undersea vehicles (UUVs) could conceivably have been used, but readily available UUVs have limited payloads and ranges. Moreover, there is evidence that Ukraine is already using explosive-laden USVs: One ran aground in Crimea last month.

The concept of using explosive USVs as weapons is not new. A RAND report from 2013 described how the U.S. Navy could conduct such attacks, referring to such USVs as "surface torpedoes." In recent years, Yemen's Houthi rebels have used explosive USVs to attack ships. However, assuming this could have been a USV attack, this might have been the first instance of such an attack against infrastructure. It may not be the last. Low-visibility explosive USVs, or USVs that appear innocuous until they detonate, could target infrastructure in a wide range of military contexts.

A USV that has been designed for stealth, with only a limited surface profile, may be able to slip through even a well-watched area. Normal vessel traffic can obscure it, and even once it has been detected, the process of identifying it as a threat and authorizing the use of force against it can give it time to strike its target. Swarms of USVs could also be used, with a greater risk of early identification, but also a high probability that at least some of them get through due to saturation of defenses. Software developed by the U.S. Office of Naval Research already enables swarms of USVs to autonomously coordinate their actions.

Covert Demonstration: USVs Change the Stealth Game at Sea


Melaleuca | Mar 25 2024 3:24 utc | 196

A follow-up

Haven't read through all the comments, so I may have missed some keen observations at the bar. My two cents ...

After a few days of preliminary investigation, beating the hell out of the four suspects, there is no hard evidence who paid these criminals, who planned the attack, which network operated in Moscow and why was the choice made to travel towards Bryansk and why not hide for a period of time in a safe house.

It all appears to be an operation to create confusion. The nationality is Tajik but that's it ... no extreme jihadist motive, no IS Khorasan operation as they are mostly using a suicide backpack leaving little evidence of the perpetrators. A shortcut to paradise and virgins.

The so-called Amaq link gives no evidence as the videos could have been streamed, they were not.

The early link provided by unnamed U.S. intelligence officials to CNN is very suspicious as is the so-called 7 March alert as it provided no specifics to any group of terrorists.

The denials from the Pentagon and NSC John Kirby are worth nothing. It's amazing how a narrative without any evidence can be propagated through the corporate media, news editors, journalists and opinion writers.

I'm still open minded as to who planned and facilitated this attack. If the UA was behind this attack, the four scumbags would never have seen daylight of a new day. Waiting to see where the bodies are falling the coming days, perhaps weeks.

@ Oui #217

1️⃣ The Crocus terrorists were recruited by Valery Yevdokimov of the Ukrainian embassy in Tajikistan.

2️⃣ They were trained by British special forces in Istanbul, Turkey.

3️⃣ They were told they were jihadis being trained to kill infidels.

4️⃣ They were paid well by the British.

These four items are established. Then it gets murky. Victoria Nuland had promised the Russians some "nasty surprises" and liaised with Budanov. Obviously Budanov would have channels of communication with Yevdokimov, but the actual chain-of-command is still unclear, except for Yevdokimov recruiting and training the Crocus terrorists.

John Marks | Mar 25 2024 18:34 utc | 370

A link ... SouthFront

Car Owner and Relatives Under Arrest

Moscow court arrests seventh defendant in Crocus City Hall attack case | TASS |

Moscow's Basmanny District Court has sanctioned the arrest of Aminchon Islomov in the Moscow's Crocus City Hall terror attack case, a TASS correspondent reported from the courtroom.
"To place Aminchon Islomov in custody until May 22," the court ruling says.

The court session was held behind closed doors.

Earlier, the court arrested Dilovar and Isroil Islomovs in the same case. The three are charged under provision "b," part 3 of article 205 of the Russian Criminal Code (a terror attack committed by a group of persons), which carries a punishment of up to life incarceration.

Aminchon and Dilovar Islomovs are brothers and Isroil Islomov is their father. All the three were born in Dushanbe.The brothers are Russian nationals, while the father is a citizen of Tajikistan. Dilovar Islomov is married with a child and worked as a taxi driver. Aminchon Islomov has seven children born by two wives. Isroil Islomov resides in Tver [180km NW of Moscow].

Putin States Perpetrators Are Tajik Bandits

Big question who hired and trained these thugs ...

Karlof1 Transcript Putin statement investigative committee

Earlier translation:

Putin's Post-Attack Message to Russia

Putin Hosts Investigative Meeting | 26 Mar 2024 |

Putin held a meeting with the heads of the Government, regions, special services and law enforcement agencies after the terrorist attack. Not everyone in the above photo spoke for the transcript. I suspect more was said beyond the 38-minute video. Putin somewhat contradicts himself as he says the terrorists were “radical Islamists.” IMO, “we know” is incorrect for the reasons Putin himself gives. Take careful note of what he says. Russia’s English language media have already reported on the meeting but omit most of it since it is dry in some respects. But IMO there’s still the drama behind the words spoken and as most read this they probably know the Ukie agencies likely behind this and other terrorist events were attacked by Kinzal, one of Russia’s hypersonic missiles. One pair launched from Crimea took about 4-minutes to reach their targets in Kiev. So, some redemption was made. But as most understand, they are merely pawns. Here’s Putin and his team:

    I ask you to report today on the progress of investigative actions and operational search work to identify all those involved in the terrorist attack, its customers and organizers.

    Despite our universal pain and sorrow, compassion and a legitimate desire to punish all those responsible for this atrocity, the investigation must be conducted in the highest degree professionally, objectively, and without any political bias.

    We know that the crime was committed by the hands of radical Islamists, whose ideology the Islamic world itself has been fighting for centuries. But we also see that the United States, through various channels, is trying to convince its satellites and other countries of the world that, according to their intelligence, there is allegedly no trace of Kiev in the Moscow terrorist attack, that the bloody terrorist attack was carried out by followers of Islam, members of the ISIS organization banned in Russia.

    We know by whose hands this atrocity was committed against Russia and its people. We are interested in who the customer is. In the course of joint work of our special services and law enforcement agencies, we need to get answers to a number of questions.

    For example: are radical and even terrorist Islamic organizations really interested in attacking Russia, which today stands for a fair solution to the escalated Middle East conflict? And how do radical Islamists, who position themselves, by the way, as devout Muslims, professing the so-called pure Islam, commit serious atrocities and crimes in the holy month of Ramadan for all Muslims?

    You just need to follow the orders of your Western curators, fight to the last Ukrainian, execute the command from Washington and pass a new law on mobilization, create something like the Hitler Youth in its new edition, of course. Beat out for this new weapon and additional money, a significant part of which can be stolen and put, as is customary in Ukraine today, in your pocket.

    By the way, Ukrainian nationalists back in the 20s of the last century had such an association-the Union of Ukrainian Nationalist Youth, which then became part of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN).

    Of course, we need to answer the question: why did the terrorists try to leave for Ukraine after committing the crime, and who was waiting for them there? It is clear that those who support the Kiev regime do not want to be accomplices of terror and sponsors of terrorism. But there are really a lot of questions.

Donbas battlefield known as the meatgrinder | HORROR |


AZOV Battalion indoctrinating kids to fight the war against Russia | 13 July 2017 |


Ukraine war: The Brits who travelled to fight Russia | Channel 4 News |


Ukrainian men fleeing the draft: ’Not everyone is a warrior’ | BBC World Service – 17 Nov 2023 |

Work in progress ... more fireworks to come.

Crimea: Post Maidan on decision to ban Russian language, 20,000 Ukrainian soldiers changed sides to the Russian forces on Naval Base Sevastopol, tore off their badges and voila … the Green Men calling for autonomy …

The Russian Art of War with Col. Jacques Baud (Swiss Intelligence, Former NATO military analyst ) in Brussels


'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Wed Mar 27th, 2024 at 08:00:30 PM EST
The US, UK, and Ukraine are behind the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall

Russian security forces named those involved in the terrorist attack at Crocus

FSB chief Alexander Bortnikov said that "primary data" received from the suspects so far points to a "Ukrainian trace" because "the Islamists alone were unable to prepare such an act." Bortnikov also accused Kyiv of training militants in the Middle East. In this regard, the director of the FSB proposed recognizing the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) as a terrorist organization.

His words were echoed by another high-ranking official in Putin's entourage: the secretary of Russia's National Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev. "Of course, Ukraine," Patrushev said, answering a question from a journalist about whether ISIS or Kyiv was to blame for the attack.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Wed Mar 27th, 2024 at 08:01:50 PM EST
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