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Bill Bradley A Democrat In Heart and Soul

by Oui Sat Mar 30th, 2024 at 12:05:30 PM EST

Posted earlier as a comment to my diary ...

EU Death Trap - Fast Track Ukraine As Member | 22 April 2022 |

Bill Bradley discusses Russian and American politics and what he considers a "fundamental blunder:" the expansion of NATO.

Bill Bradley on NATO and Defense Industry | 23 Jan. 2008 | [btw 2 months before Dick Cheney got NATO to drive the last nail into its expansion deep into Russian zone of influence]

From my high school days ... 1961-62 for state championship finals ... our above average team played against Crystal City ... we lost by a shot in the buzzer ... best man by far Bill Bradley ... a NBA great and quite a personality then and later in politics.

From his biography ...

    My father lived for the bank and for his family. He walked to work every morning at 8:15 and back every evening at 5:15. Often he came home for lunch. He served as treasurer of the school board for thirty years, but he never went to a meeting. He rarely attended any events in town, other than my Little League baseball games in summer, my school basketball games in winter, and (although he was suspicious of religion) Sunday-morning services at Grace Presbyteriaan Church.

This is an excerpt from a Carnegie Council talk on January 23, 2008.

For the full video, audio, and transcript, go to The New American Story by Bill Bradley

What will it take to make America better and stronger? We can solve such problems as health insurance and our addiction to oil, says Senator Bill Bradley. But first, politicians must tell the American people some hard truths.

There are many reasons why Bill Bradley, whose stature is not only measured by his height but by the length and breadth of his experience, is so widely admired. In a lifetime where he has led by example, whether guiding his team to the Olympic Gold Medal as captain of the U.S. basketball team, or in playing for the Knicks and later becoming an NBA Hall of Famer, he has been a role model for all to follow.

Still, our speaker embodies something much more than the extraordinary athlete or the gifted intellect that this Rhodes Scholar is. During his 18 years in the U.S. Senate, Bill Bradley was an exemplary public servant who gained national prominence and earned bipartisan respect for his thoughtfulness, decency, and willingness to take controversial positions on issues ranging from tax reform to the rights of Native Americans, often crossing party lines. This political experience has helped to shape his convictions and to inform The New American Story, which should be considered an extremely useful guide as we approach the 2008 elections.

Today, as a past presidential candidate, author, talk radio show host, and private citizen, Senator Bradley continues to challenge us to reach for what is best in all of us and to discover what is possible in politics.

| Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs |

Stephen F. Cohen: NATO expansion and Russia | 2 June 2010 |

John Batchelor and Stephen F. Cohen - Tales of the New Cold War: The Demonization of Vladimir Putin | 3 Nov 2016 |

US Diplomacy Unwilling to Talk Security and Neutrality of Ukraine

The European Union sleepwalked into mortal conflict with Russia

Ukraine was all prepared for classical propaganda warfare

Minsk of all places to avoid more bloodshed between brethren peoples

The Man wielding most power and closest ally of Zelensky and Joe Biden
Boris: give war a chance ...

Diplomacy Watch: Did Boris Johnson help stop a peace deal in Ukraine? | Responsible Statecraft |

A recent piece in Foreign Affairs revealed that Kyiv and Moscow may have had a tentative deal to end the war all the way back in April.

How is your regime change coming along? Vlad's or yours ⁉️

Destruction of wars ... build peace to coexist, revenge is no stranger to former Soviet bloc nations, never again means end all wars ... dead heroes and the illusion of "Victory"

As "Victory" is not on the horizon 🌈 in any form as the warmongers predicted

Vicky Nuland Steps Down In Twin Genocides

A long time coming death pangs of Neocons, Brzezinski and Albright Cold War doctrine of US aggression v the Russian empire. A trail of blood from Kabul to Kyiv ... 11 Sept 2001 - 24 Feb 2024 🔥 🔥 🔥

Recommended reading ...

2054, with Elliot Ackerman and Admiral James Stavridis


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