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Western Civilization Under Duress

by Oui Mon Mar 4th, 2024 at 12:44:47 PM EST

Terms of the Maastricht Treaty on European Unity | UPI - 18 May 1993 |

The Maastricht Treaty on unity among the 12 European Community members, approved by the European Council in December 1991, has been ratified by 10 nations and awaits the approval of Denmark and Britain. It also faces legal challenges in Germany's constitutional court.

The text, which is divided into six parts, amounts to a revision of the Treaty of Rome, which established the European Economic Community in 1958. The EC emerged from the amalgamation of the EEC, the European Atomic Energy Community and European Coal and Steel Community in 1967.

Video summary of the signing ceremony in Brussels on June 27, 2014 of Association Agreements between the European Union and Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Prophetic words and it all came to bear in the 21st Century ...

The European Community: Confidence Lost | Foreign Affairs - Summer 1993 |

After Yugoslavia, regression to the East and muddle in the West has left the U.S. with a difficult choice: Should Washington reassert leader­ship in matters it had ceded to its European allies

When the Berlin Wall came down, a new day dawned in Central Europe. Two years later, the failed Moscow putsch followed by the collapse of the Soviet Union itself seemed to put all Europe on the path to democracy and peace. Then at Maastricht, in the Netherlands, where West Europeans pledged to build a political union, the European Community (EC) cast itself as the model and mentor for Europe's transformation. The United States, godfather to a reborn Europe, was for the moment content in the knowledge that past labors had borne fruit and that future labors would be lightened.

The EC transformed to a free market economy with the elites in Brussels distancing themselves from citizens in member states ... a recept for disintegration. The rapid expansion to meet the military desire of NATO and the United States, caused the European  Union to become vulnerable. War is not a medicine to attain peace and security in Europe. Quite similar the US War on Terror expanded terror across the globe, did not encapsulate the harm to civilians, nor met the basic desire of people in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Europe has been hit hard by war refugees and the rapid loss of democracy by rise of populists harvesting electoral gain on discontent.

Under Bill Clinton and again during the eight years of Bush-Cheney, the choice was made to offer the Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin nothing. No honest negotiations of rapprochement as Putin wished to partner with NATO to secure peace in Europe for economic gains of the European Union. The U.S. out of self-interest saw the risk of a true economic competitor and did all to remove that "risk." It was quite easy to divide the European Union by pouncing on Old Europe and New Europe. Quite outspoken by political leadership in Washington D.C. and the war hawks in US Congress. There was no necessity for war on the Eastern Frontier between the Ukraine and Russia. The morbid choice war not only ill-founded but evil.


War(time) populism: Discursive strategies in violent conflict | Univ. Gent - 2022 |

By providing common academic terminology, while allowing for vernacular disparity, the notion of populism may be ideally situated to bridge not only the persisting Global North/South distinction still prevalent in (critical) conflict studies but also the spectrum of disciplines it builds on. To exemplify potential possibilities, the essay will take charge with three recent cases: Solidarity statements written by universities during the escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine in 2021, the public performances of Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskyy during the Russia-Ukraine War, and the politics of memory by Bangladesh's ruling Awami League (AL) party.

Brussels sold out its sovereignty to the military power of the United States and might of CENTCOM overruling any diplomatic efforts by the EU Commission.

The move by the UK for Brexit sealed the demise of the European Union as it was meant to be. The gains made during the Cold War era 1945-1990 are lost forever. Prepare for war because no one is willing to fight for peace.

Genocide in the Middle East is an extension o the Yugoslav era. Battleground between the Holy Roman Empire and the advancing barbarians of the Muslim faith, Ottoman Empire and others.


Biden in Distress: the Gaza Albatross | Tikun Olam |

Many states begin organizing anti-war "uncommitted" primary campaigns

In Gaza, the numbers are even larger. 2.5-million starving Gazans. Under siege like the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto.  Eating grass. Eating cattle feed. Babies are dying from malnutrition and dehydration.  Israel is doing to Gaza what the Nazis did to the Warsaw ghetto.  What are we doing?  Are we forcing Israel to admit humanitarian aid?  Are we gathering a multi-national coalition to save Gaza?  Or are we doing what they did during the Holocaust?

Biden's hardened heart

When Moses demanded from Pharaoh that he let the Children of Israel go from Egyptian slavery God, according to the Biblical narrative, hardened his heart. As a result, He inflicted ten plagues on the Egyptians, leading to the final one, the Angel of Death killing of first-born babies. Then finally Pharaoh relented.

Netanyahu and Biden are the Pharaohs in this analogy. Gazans are the Israelites. Biden has hardened his heart to the suffering of their children and the slaughter of civilians.  Remember the punishment God inflicts. For Pharaoh, it was the plagues. For Biden, it could be his electoral defeat.

Biden's Gaza charade

Israel is our supposed ally. And we have no more leverage over it than a flea has over an elephant.  We beg. We cajole. We tell the world lies about how "concerned" we are. We tell the world we're telling Israel of our concern. As if Israel cares. But we know Israel doesn't care. We know this is a charade. That these statements are meaningless.  We're not concerned enough to do a goddamn thing.  Except dropping a few dozen pallets of food on starving human beings.

When a reporter asks the National Security Council spokesperson (video above) whether he will "condemn" Israel for killing 20,000+ women and children, he not only refuses to use the word, he blames Hamas for killing them. Twice as many American-made bombs and Israeli missiles have fallen on Gaza's women and children than on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. And Matt Miller has the gall to say Hamas did it.

Yoav Gallant isn't the address. Airlifts aren't an answer. They're substitutes for an answer.  The real answer, the only answer, is to drop an anvil on Netanyahu.  Tell him what he must do and give him a deadline by which you expect him to do it.  If he doesn't, you make him suffer consequences.  Biden knows that. He knows what is required.  He even knows how to do it.  But he won't. God only knows why. The result may be losing the election.

If he does, this won't be the only reason. He's a weak candidate. Too old. Too infirm. Too confused. Too predictable. Too conventional. Too Old School. His moral obtuseness is a symptom of a deeper malaise.

United Nations world court calls for prevention of genocidal 
acts in Gaza | International Court of Justice (ICJ)

Definition of genocide | Yad Vashem |

The annihilation of a racial, ethnic, political, or religious group or its destruction to the extent that it no longer exists as a group. The term "genocide" was first used in 1933 at a conference in Madrid by a Jewish judge named Raphael Lemkin. Lemkin proposed to the League of Nations that they create an international agreement to condemn vandalism and barbaric crimes. He then went on to define and analyze the crime of genocide in books he wrote during world WAR II. He explained that genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate and complete destruction of a group; rather, it may also involve a series of planned actions that are meant to destroy basic elements of the group's existence, including its language, culture, national identity, economy, and the freedom of its individuals.

From the diaries ...


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US life expectancy / mortality situation by income distribution vs. Europe healthcare effect

Among peer countries, the U.S. has the lowest life expectancy at birth for both women and men

The U.S. has the lowest life expectancy among large, wealthy countries while it far outspends its peers on healthcare 

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