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Israeli Intelligence Threat to Journalism

by Oui Tue Apr 16th, 2024 at 12:21:30 PM EST

From my diary ...

Exposé Manipulation Elections Made In Israel | 15 Feb 2023 |

Cambridge Analytica's Israeli Black Ops Team - Exposed at Last

In-house emails published here for the first time identify the Israeli hackers running global disinformation campaigns whom Cambridge Analytica officials tried so hard to keep hidden

By Gur Megiddo and Omer Benjakob - Feb 15, 2023

Many details in the testimony of Brittany Kaiser - who positioned herself as the "whistleblower' in the 2018 Cambridge Analytica data scandal - caused a furor around the world.

Kaiser did indeed help expose the dubious methods employed by the British political consulting firm - which was involved in disseminating extreme, polarizing messages in an attempt to influence election campaigns around the globe.

However, precisely what she did not agree to share in April 2018 - an hour and five minutes into her testimony in the British Parliament - drew less attention.

Then-MP Paul Farrelly asked her about the identity of the "Israeli hackers" who, according to a report in The Observer newspaper, she had introduced to her employers and who had supplied Cambridge Analytica with materials that had clearly been obtained by means of computer hacking.

"I don't remember, to be honest," Kaiser replied. "I never had a contract with that company. I introduced them to the client and they contracted individually."

Farrelly pressed her: "You can't remember the name?"

Kaiser said she could not and added: "I can try to find it for you."

She has not fulfilled that promise, but email correspondence - which is being published now for the first time - reveals that the "Israeli hackers" are the same people who are at the center of an investigative report that is also being published now.

The team is headed by Tal Hanan, a provider of hacking and fraud services on a global scale, operating out of an office in the city of Modi'in, near Tel Aviv.

No morals, no qualms, no borders: Tal Hanan and Team Jorge have turned chaos into business

Hanan's business is being revealed by a large number of media outlets worldwide as part of the Story Killers project initiated by the Paris-based Forbidden Stories organization, dealing with the global disinformation-for-hire industry.

The information about Hanan's activity was obtained via an undercover investigative report spearheaded by journalists from TheMarker, Radio France and Haaretz, who posed as potential clients, got Hanan and his staff to talk about their activity in a series of meetings across about six months, and documented the conversations.

India: Remembering Journalist Gauri Lankesh

Gauri Lankesh, a 55-year-old journalist, was murdered by three gunmen outside her home in Bengaluru on September 5, 2017, to "save his religion" as admitted by one of the assailants. A new research by a group of journalists and experts reveals how a doctored video was weaponised to spread hate against her.

Forbidden Stories, a Paris-based non-profit organisation, investigated the video from YouTube that was downloaded onto one of the murderers' laptops. Police revealed to the research firm that the video, which features a five-minute excerpt of a 15-minute-long speech in which Lankesh discusses the plurality of Hinduism, was used as an element in a "gradual indoctrination" process.


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