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Obama's Peace Prize and Joe Lieberman

by Oui Sun May 12th, 2024 at 09:44:42 AM EST

I have never witnessed this character in the White House.

h/t Cat

Re: Worse than Hasbara ...

Al Jazeera Upfront Interview Batya Ungar-Sargon

Israel's war on Gaza: Challenging the narrative of a "just" war

"a 'just' war"

popularized by Mitch O'bama during his Niebuhr phase, iirc, 2009 in contrast to his 2002 "dumb war" foreign policy lecture [Chicago, Oct. 2, 2002], no doubt tutored by the sage USN veteran and Republican Senator Dick Lugar. All of bolted at present to a spurious ethical dilemma, "war of choice".

Additional twist in fate of history, in a front-row seat Norway's PM Jens Stoltenberg [6:30] the present Secretary General of NATO, bound by Joe Biden's two wars of choice in the Ukraine and his refusal to block shipments of aircraft, spare-parts and munitions for heavy bombardment in Israel's genocidal war. So very similar to America's war on terror across the Middle East.  

President Barack Obama's 2009 Nobel Prize for Peace lecture on the subject of just war theory.

Reality is tougher than idealism ... that one receives the Nobel Prize for a single  speech ... another twist in history no one understands.

As someone uses the description ... blah .. blah .. blah ... words and nothing to show for as his legacy.

Later BHO will state the essence of foreign policy: "Don't do stupid things ..."

As Senator Barack was guided by Joe Lieberman, a very destructive person on Middle East policy ... evil is omni-present in Washington DC and Virginia with the CIA and Pentagon. MIC rules the world.

Joe won, millions died and many are still today suffering immensely from the inhumane apartheid regime of the Jewish State of Israel. Goed friend of Ariel Sharon and Bibi Netanyahu ... the forerunner of the savior aligned far-right, white-supremacist president Donald Trump ... the best thing that happened to Israel and security ... so many were wrong as we have seen the avoidable terror attack on 7/10 and the predicted follow-up, Zionist war on Palestine with ethnic cleansing and genocide ... an ongoing saga of 75 years ... a straight line from Nakba in 1948 to the present day.

One of Obama's worsted decisions was to name HRC as his Secretary of State .... Hillary brought along Dennis Ross for Israel policy and for the America's linked to lobbyist Lanny Davis.

Palestine and History: Macklemore v. Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered herself of some ahistorical and distorted remarks about Palestine on Morning Joe, maintaining that the young people protesting the Gaza atrocities do not know history.

Ms. Clinton's self-serving description of the 2000 Camp David process has been debunked by many historians. In fact, her husband Bill Clinton promised in the Oslo Accords in 1993 that Israel would withdraw from Gaza and the West Bank by 1997. He then allowed Benjamin Netanyahu to sabotage that process and allowed the Israelis to double the number of squatters they sent in to the Palestinian West Bank to steal property and terrorize people.

When Netanyahu went out and Ehud Barak came in, Clinton sponsored negotiations, but Barak was maddeningly vague about what he would offer and never produced a text that Yasser Arafat could sign. It is not clear why Arafat needed to sign anything more; he already signed the Oslo treaty, which should have resulted in an Israeli withdrawal that never came. Soon thereafter Barak lost to Ariel Sharon, who was as determined to sabotage any land for peace deal as Netanyahu had been, and he wrecked the whole process.

Her placing of all the blame on the Palestinians is typical of inside-the-Beltway Goy Zionism, and is profoundly ahistorical. The young people can't be fooled by these glib words. They see what they see.

I have also never understood the trope that Israel made generous offers to the Palestinians (it never did) but that the Palestinians rejected them, and therefore the Palestinians should be deprived of all their basic rights forever.

The Extent of Joe Lieberman's Evildoing Was Truly Remarkable | Jacobin - 28 Mar 2024 |

Joe Lieberman's body wasn't even cold when the predictable avalanche of tributes to his "conscience" and "doggedly independent" streak cascaded across the media. This is certainly one way to describe the career of the former long-serving Connecticut senator, who died yesterday due to complications from a fall.

Another way is to describe him as he actually was: a fairly unremarkable Washington politician who ably filled the standard Capitol Hill role of inveterate warmonger and corporate marionette.

Besides the many, many innocent lives he helped extinguish in foreign wars he backed, Lieberman's main achievement was managing to work as a right-wing mole within the Democratic Caucus, giving him the unique ability to undermine and sabotage the party and its leadership from the inside -- and providing a model to later Democratic saboteurs like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

Lieberman was a reliable George W. Bush ally on the "war on terror" and other issues, and had long been a suspect Democrat, let alone progressive lawmaker. His entire career was built on his conservatism, having beaten (with the support of William F. Buckley) liberal Republican Lowell Weicker in 1988 in a campaign where he supported bombing Libya, invading Grenada, and maintaining the US freeze-out of Cuba, all of which Weicker opposed.

Lieberman also supported the death penalty for drug traffickers, a stealth form of school prayer, and strict spending cuts for the purpose of balancing the budget.

When Joe Lieberman [member Pat Robertson's IFC] entered Congress, legendary racist Strom Thurmond came by to pay his respects, telling the young Lieberman, "I understand we think a lot alike in the way we do things" -- chilling words that any decent human being would've responded to with "I certainly hope not." What did Lieberman actually say? "Yes, I think we do."

Democratization in the America's

Hillary Clinton and close friend and ally Lanny Davis, lobbyist.

From the diaries ...

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Refugees: Honduras Drugs Cartel and US Business Interests | 10 Mar 2021 |

The Obama administration and history

A Labyrinth of Deception: Secretary Clinton and the Honduran Coup | 12 Apr 2017 |

The coup similarly represented a full takeover by the country's big ranching, trafficking, oil-palm, and mining interests.[vii] These interlocking political-economic families and cartel chiefs are "violence entrepreneurs" relying on the connections, the budgets, and the impunity provided by the state. This sector of the elite were long accustomed to using terror to get their way economically and politically.

The "continuing coup" has imposed a death toll that is directly caused by the security forces, not due to the surge in the mara violence. Over two hundred campesinos were killed in what is now the world's most dangerous country for community land advocates.[viii] 215 LGBT people were recorded murdered between July 2009 and 2015, compared to only twenty during 1994-2008, when mara violence was already on the rise.[ix] More than 50 journalists and over 100 lawyers and public prosecutors--even Cabinet ministers--have been gunned down by hitmen and narco-police.[x]

Honduras: First Woman President? | 28 Nov 2021 |

The EU should support the Social Democrat candidate Ms Xiomara Castro de Zelaya should she be elected.

The global world in CHAOS, greatest terror state of them all run by wealthiest oligarchs where elections are a pro forma cover of so-called "democracy" ...the best export product to expand the empire. Corruption starts from within.

The Obama government (2009-2017) doing stupid things …

Samantha Power, the Monster, and the Libyan Intervention | by Frank Schnittger - 8 Sept 2011 |


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