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EU Election A Path for Trump Win [Update]

by Oui Sun Jun 9th, 2024 at 07:15:10 PM EST


EU elections:
Le Pen's far right leads with 31.5% of vote in France,
Macron's party trails at 15.2% (exit polls)

France's President Macron calls for new elections in wake of EU poll results | BBC News |

President Emmanuel Macron has said he is dissolving parliament and is calling for new elections following the performance of the far-right National Rally in the European elections.

He has called for parliamentary elections to be held on 30 June.

German results big victory for CDU/CSU

EU vote in Germany: Far-right AfD in second place | DW News |

The far-right Alternative for Germany party is on course to win the second biggest share of the EU vote in Germany, while the conservatives retain the biggest vote share. Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Social Democrats are heading for their worst ever national election result.

New Party BSW of Sahra Wagenknecht enters at 6% of the vote

Sahra Wagenknecht, top candidate of Germany’s "Buendnis Sahra Wagenknecht" (BSW) and Amira Mohamed Ali attend a press conference after EU election results, in Berlin, Germany, June 10, 2024.

Amira Mohamed Ali (Parteivorsitzende, BSW) zum Ergebnis der Europawahl

Europawahl: SDP fällt auf 13.9% - Grünen stürtzen noch stärker ab auf 11.9% - Leichte Einbußen bei der FDP 5.2% - Ampel-Koalition verliert bei EU-Umfrage Mehrheit heute auf 31%

Nach der Europawahl

The traffic light coalition is facing turbulent times | Tagesschau |

Two parties are mourning, one is breathing a sigh of relief. The European elections were a disappointment for the traffic light coalition. Now everyone wants to prove themselves. The budget negotiations are likely to be turbulent.

When the two SPD party leaders, together with the top candidate Katarina Barley, begin to make a statement, it is suddenly quiet in the Willy Brandt House. The SPD has never performed worse in a national election since the war. The party must obviously first digest this defeat and is mourning publicly.

And this despite the fact that the election goals were really not high. A result like in 2019 would have been enough for the Social Democrats to leave this election evening reasonably satisfied. Lars Klingbeil and Saskia Esken speak instead of a bitter evening. The result and the reasons for it will certainly be dealt with. But the bitterest thing about this election day is the performance of the AfD.

Wrong topics for the SPD?

The SPD has placed a lot of emphasis on the fight against the far-right during the election campaign and has probably only addressed parts of its potential electorate. The party has apparently lost workers to the AfD, for example. Here the SPD only gets a below-average 12 percent. The AfD, on the other hand, gets 34 - and that just a few months before the elections in three eastern German states.

... work in progress ...

First Exit Poll The Netherlands on June 5th

Elusive Victory in UA Proxy War

New EU Member Recovery Summit in Berlin
(for when the war has ended …)

Present cost of NATO-led war: $100bn/year
Destruction amounts to $500bn
Est. reconstruction cost $1tn
To win the war at least $150bn/year
Totaal amount Russian assets in the West $300bn

G7 nations agreed to burden the Russian taxpayer first, the ECB will not volunteer to have EU taxpayers to carry the burden of the fool’s decision to wage the stupid war for Ukraine. Joe will leave a free and “democratic” nation behind as his legacy … as bonus of proxy war more security for ally Europe. Based on years of demonization of Russia and Putin, blowing up the energy lifeline between Western Russia and Western Germany.

The appreciation of the democratic German electorate seen in most recent election … let the people speak 🗣️

The end of the German Green Revolution … back to fossil fuel driven cars with a stable FDP election result.

Europawahl: Grüne ringen nach desaströsem Ergebnis um Erklärungen – verlorene Jungwähler „bitter“


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