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Europe United

by someone Sun Aug 27th, 2006 at 08:38:07 AM EST

I was checking out some of the blogs on the Euroblogs wiki as pointed to in a recent diary when I came across a comment with a link to Europe United, a rather new pan-European political party. They seem to have started sometime in the summer/fall of 2005. I will give a brief overview of their politics below. I have by no means read everything on their site, but based on what I have seen they seem pretty progressive, and a pan-European party is an interesting idea that I have thought about before. Right now, as a party, they are obviously completely irrelevant on the European political scene. Maybe they can grow into something positive? I don't know how many members they have.

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***Wind power: Swedes just can't get enough of it.

by someone Fri Aug 11th, 2006 at 04:57:25 AM EST

Wind power in Swedish news. As part of the Swedish effort to eliminate the use of fossil fuels in Sweden, laws have been passed to promote renewable energy. This is leading to an increase in investments in wind power, and some problems for manufacturers to meet demand for new turbines. Investments are being made in large capacity wind parks by the large energy corporations, and a small electricity cooperative is proving popular with consumers.

From the front page - whataboutbob

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***Get out of my way!

by someone Wed Aug 2nd, 2006 at 03:54:18 AM EST

I was reading some Swedish news papers this morning when I came across the following: (my translation)

From Sydsvenskan (in Swedish)
"Something has happened in our society. We become angry more easily. We also get angry more often and we get angrier than we used to", says professor Lars-Henrik Schmidt, who himself get angry at least once a day.

If he is correct, more and more people feel violated and indignant over the wrongs they perceive themselves constantly subjected to by their fellow man.

"The modern person's view of himself does not include the acceptance of humiliation or "losing face". The one which cuts in line implies that his time is more important than mine. The one who expands his space does so by taking from mine. The one who dresses strangely can even violate my sense of aesthetics just by appearing in public."

From the front page ~ whataboutbob

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Drugs are bad, um'kay

by someone Tue Jun 27th, 2006 at 07:18:08 AM EST

[I am going to make a bunch of unsubstantiated claims about drugs and drug policy in response to an awful article I just read. I don't have time to dig up sources for my claims right now, though I will later if there seems to be interest.]

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