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The new Utopia

by chumchu Thu Jul 2nd, 2015 at 08:38:43 AM EST

I believe that a fundamental problem for the left after the fall of the Soviet Union is the lack of a common utopia to strive towards for three reasons. Without a long-term goal the left has become reactive. Without grand visions for the future, the differences in rhetoric between political parties decreases and elections seem like contests in looking statesmanlike. Without a hope in a better future it is hard motivate people to engage in politics and to act altruistically. The last two points, together with individualism and workers rising into the middle class,  are important in explaining the declining engagement in mass parties and unions. With declining engagement, their competence and influence wanes.

I want to ask you if you share this analysis and, if so, what you think the long-term goal or utopia of the left should be. There are a number of candidates that I can think of at the moment listed below. These are not mutually exclusive but to avoid complicating things, let us just say that you have to emphasise one idea. Further, how should one work with utopia and political reality. I believe that slow, careful reform works, if you always have an end goal in mind and do not get lost in rhetoric and sacrifice to much trying to win elections.

  • spreading human civilisation in space for preservation or exploration
  • a sustainable society living within the planetary boundaries
  • breaking through limitations in production and energy to create an abundance, rendering property rights moot and giving people freedom from work
  • uniting humanity politically in a world-state
  •  a global federation of national welfare states, well-functioning and peaceful
  • benevolent AI
  • something else

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