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fOtofair 2006 borkitekt

by borkitekt Sun Oct 29th, 2006 at 03:56:49 PM EST

 borkitekts photos

Before turning to architecture I became amazed with a friends contact sheet while he was fussing with which pics to print while we were drinking coffee in a cafe some years ago.

The first few were from my first black and white class ending with one from my color class... well it was short notice and most of my other stuff is boxed up 6k miles away or un-digitized.

Those first few were taken with a camera whose type I've forgotten, a cheap beginner SLR maybe a Pentax or something, but a year or so later I upgraded to a N8008 which I used on the rest. I did all the processing and printing in the lab except the color film... and how I miss the smell fo those chemicals, ah!

BTW, this is also my first diary, so, hey out there!!!!!!!!

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