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RE: LQD: When marriage between gays was by rite: Wishful thinking

by Svetozar Thu Apr 24th, 2008 at 03:26:24 AM EST

Frank's text and its commentators provide an excellent example of what subjective observation and interpretation can lead to.

As someone coming from the Orthodox Christian tradition of the Dalmatian-Serbian regions, I would like to explain to you what we--the noble savages, as we were gently called by the Venetian man of letters Alberto Fortis in the 18th century--consider as same sex unions.

 The term "same sex unions" is scientifically much better suited than the term "gay" in this context.

Point, counterpoint - diary rescue by Migeru

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Africa resisting the NWO terrorists

by Svetozar Sun Apr 13th, 2008 at 03:44:53 PM EST

How to destabilize a state?

A new defense manual circulating in the third world countries predicts this scenario. If you want to destabilize a country find an opposition party. This party should not accept the election results if they do not win. Send in NGO operatives who will find atrocities committed by the state.

Once the pattern is revealed it is almost humorous to watch how the British TV media repetitively applies it.

But it is not enough anymore to have BBC and all other British media complain about electoral irregularities and beckon the international community to do something. The world has learned its lesson from the destruction of Yugoslavia 1, Yugoslavia 2, Serbia and Montenegro, and recently Serbia.

It is fortunate for Zimbabwe that it does not have open enemies on its borders, instead it has leaders who know too well how the global oligarchy operates. It is also fortunate that a small province within Zimbabwe is not claiming independence.

If everything else fails don't forget to mention gay rights. That will really get Mugabe running bananas.

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Friends in high places need my organs - exclusive

by Svetozar Sat Apr 12th, 2008 at 02:05:57 PM EST

Just as the revelations by Carla del Ponte are stirring some unwanted trouble in the "civilized" world, an email arrived from a reputable source which I have duly posted here:

In 1993 the Republic of Serbian Krajina (a UN Protected Zone) informed the Security Council and diplomatic representatives in Belgrade that "harvesting" of organs was taking place in the war zones in Former Yugoslavia.

UN representatives were even told about this when they visited Knin - the capital of Serbian Krajina. These documents relating to this hideous crime were confiscated by the Croatian Army at the time of the aggression against the UN Protected Zone in 1995.

Fortunately some volunteers in the Yugoslav Peoples Army kept the photographs of people whose bodily parts were missing and these photographs were sent to the relevant bodies of the United Nations and to the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

Croatian Army medical teams were "harvesting" organs from the bodies of Serbian civilians on the 3rd and 4th of April in 1992 in the region of Kurpes (in Bosnia and Herzegovina) where the population was mostly Serbian.

At that time Bosnia and Herzegovina was not yet engulfed by the civil war. Croatian medical officers "harvested" organs from the captured Serbian civilians.
Some Serbians were taken to the "Lora" concentration camp in Split and in other Croatian camps for Serbs in Croatian and Bosnia and Herzegovina, from where many never returned nor were their bodies returned to their families.

The government of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia ordered the Yugoslav Army led by General Ratko Mladic to liberate then Yugoslav territory of Kupres. He did this on 7th of April 1992. Volunteers who were with the Army discovered photographs of organ "harvesting" which were in the possession of a dead Croatian medical officer. These photographs were given to the solicitors of Slobodan Milosevic who died during his trial at the Hague and never had a chance to use the photographs.

The above is a translation of excerpts from a letter of the government of Serbian Krajina in exile addressed to diplomatic representatives in Belgrade, dated 28 March 2008.

This Mangelian "harvesting of organs" does not necessarily have to be for commercial purposes it could  be intended for transplantation purposes in the allied forces locally or in other parts of the world. The above statement also mentions that parts of the brain were missing implying that tissue may have been used for medical experiments.

The fact that Carla del Ponte was not allowed to open an investigation regarding this matter shows how the allies cooperated in the early stages of the "civil war" in former Yugoslavia. Another "important" international official Natasa Kandic who throughout the war and since, has staunchly represented the anti-Serbian allies has been quoted as saying for the Daily Telegraph that the High Court Judge Carla del Ponte, now an ambassador in Argentina is dealing only with rumors. It has been a strategy since the beginning of break-up of the Communist block that the local NGOs are the ones who spearheaded the information war against their own countries. This strategy brought credibility to disinformation. Natasa Kandic is an important NGO leader in Serbia.

I hope that this information which can be termed as an EXCLUSIVE for the European Tribune will remind us of those who are suffering at the moment in Iraq, Afghanistan and other unfortunate places around the world.

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