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EU's Nuclear Option for Theresa May .. The End?

by Oui Tue Apr 9th, 2019 at 09:25:41 PM EST

LARGE UPDATE BELOW: EU Agrees extension until Oct. 30

President of the EU Council, Donald Tusk, urged EU leaders to offer a much longer extension. Tusk said the UK should be given up to a year to get Brexit sorted, claiming there was little chance of arrangements being made by 30 June. A draft EU Council document suggested such proposals were being drawn up. Labour has said it will back any "reasonable" delay beyond 30 June.

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True Character of Brexit and Its Backers Exposed

by Oui Thu Mar 28th, 2019 at 06:54:01 PM EST

My life's compass is to stay true to your principles of fraternity and equality ... we're all brothers and sisters in a social network to support those in need. Civilization will be destroyed by the selfishness of pure capitalism, wealth and inequality.

A choice in life between peace or war!

What has been exposed within a failed democracy called the House of Commons and its representatives on the conservative Tory side and the kabuki theater on the side of the opposition. The people not well served.

The Guardian offers opinion articles any author of suspense could build an empire on a nr. 1 seller on the list of fiction.


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Conspiracy by Democrats Falls Flat

by Oui Sun Mar 24th, 2019 at 10:06:57 PM EST

So after more than two years the Robert Mueller report exonerates president Trump from the primary accusation of collusion with the Russian government.

Tens of thousands of comments were written across the ocean at the pond. Multiple fp stories and diaries with the same conspiracy ... I have taken months of abuse for differing in opinion. Salem 21th century tarfeathered me and chased me off the blog after my contributions as a main diarist on foreign policy since the spring of 2005. Thx guys ... you've just fallen on your own sword.

AG March 24 2019 Letter to House and Senate Judiciary Committees

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Brexiteer Big Winner Dutch Upper House Election

by Oui Thu Mar 21st, 2019 at 07:54:28 PM EST

Stupidity cannot just be claimed by Trump voters or the British in support of ideas propagated by ERG extremists in the Brexit campaign ...

Yesterday the Dutch voters gave a majority in the senate to newcomer Thierry Baudet ... where did this shooting star originate from?

Forum for Democracy | Wikipedia |

Forum for Democracy was established as a think tank; its main feat was campaigning for the 2016 Dutch Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement referendum. In September 2016, it converted itself into a political party and announced its intention to take part in the 2017 Dutch general election. In joining the democratic system, they hope to change the system.

Thierry Baudet founder and leader of the party FvD (2016)

In the 2017 general election, the FvD ended up with 1.8% of the vote and 2 seats, entering parliament for the first time.

In January 2019 the FvD had approximately 30,000 members [citation needed] .. The bulk of the Forum's parliamental candidates did not have prior active experience in other political parties. In February 2018 the party suffered from internal issues with a number of prominent members leaving the party, because they felt the party had a lack of internal democracy.

In the 2018 municipal elections, the FvD won 3 seats at the Amsterdam city council.

During the 2019 provincial elections, Forum for Democracy won 86 seats spread across the 12 provinces of the Netherlands. In South Holland, North Holland and Flevoland, FvD became the largest party, winning 11, 9 and 8 seats respectively. In all other provinces, the party captured either the second or third spot in terms of the popular vote.

You British people recognize him?

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Murderous Attack On Mosques in New Zealand

by Oui Fri Mar 15th, 2019 at 05:55:32 AM EST

[Update-1] Death toll now at 49 with many still in critical condition in hospitals. One person arrested and will be charged with murder. Two IEDs found on a single vehicle. There was no warning bij our security agencies. One person arrested was born in Australia.


A sophisticated multiple terror attack was send out live-streaming via an Australian Facebook account ... up to 27 fatalities ... due to late arrival for Friday prayers, just saved the Bangladesh cricket team ... not a safe world we live in ...

Mushfiqur Rahim also tweeted about the attack and said the team was "extremely lucky" to be safe.

"Alhamdulillah Allah [saved] us today [during] shooting in Christchurch in the mosque... we are extremely lucky... never want to see this things happen again (sic)... pray for us," he said.

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Brexit Fun: The John Bercow Show

by Oui Mon Mar 18th, 2019 at 06:31:52 PM EST

Throw away May's blue print - back to the drawing board ...

Constitutional chaos after third vote on Brexit deal blocked | The Guardian |

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Brexit: UK and EU Breakthrough In Strasburg

by Oui Mon Mar 11th, 2019 at 11:56:29 PM EST

WTF caught me blindsided ... a complete surprise.

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Last 3 Desperate Weeks of May

by Oui Fri Mar 8th, 2019 at 10:03:36 AM EST

May Accused of Buying Brexit Votes With $2 Billion for Towns | Bloomberg |

Geoffrey Cox to the rescue ...

Barnier slapping his knees, dying laughing so hard ...

Geoffrey Cox is facing a backlash in Brussels and Dublin after claiming the Irish backstop posed a risk to the human rights of people in Northern Ireland.

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In Search of the Wahhabi Nuclear Bomb

by Oui Sun Mar 3rd, 2019 at 09:04:27 AM EST

The Saudi Monarchy is in peril, has been for many years. Domestic forces based on ultra-conservative Wahhabism has caused more than a few headaches since the seventies, more than a half century ago. In close ties with its benefactor the US, the Saudi Kings felt quite safe from outside perils. This has all changed during the Obama presidency and the signed JCPOA nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran. [Persian acronym: BARJAM]

The Obama foreign policy team instigated military intervention at the start of the Arab Uprising early in 2011 which spread across the MENAT countries. The ensued chaos cost hundreds of thousands of innocent lives and further hardship in multiples for the population. In the meantime, Israel tried to provoke a military assault on Iran in 2012 ... president Obama would have none of it and blocked where he could Israel in implementing such a foolhardy action. Fortunately, the war cabinet of PM Netanyahu did their utmost to prevent such a military action. The propaganda was flying all over the Middle East from each capital. The Syrian unrest and civil war would have been an excellent décor to play out a military strike on Iran.

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Post Brexit: Amb. Johnson on US Food Trade Deal

by Oui Sat Mar 2nd, 2019 at 06:17:07 PM EST

Post Brexit .. post-ECJ interference - post-pollution regulation - post archaic EU standards - post-ICC membership perhaps?

To protect the consumers ... delivery of chlorinated chicken and pumped-up beef ... beats "dated" EU standards anyday!

What's In A Name? Johnson ...

The EU has a 'Museum of Agriculture' approach to farming, says Woody Johnson | Politico EU |

The U.K. should ignore "smears" about U.S. farming methods and move away from the EU's "Museum of Agriculture" approach, said Woody Johnson, Washington's ambassador to the U.K.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Johnson urges U.K. citizens to embrace a bilateral trade deal that includes a loosening of the EU's agriculture standards.

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The Enemy Codenamed 'Blank'

by Oui Sun Feb 24th, 2019 at 09:44:03 PM EST

I don't buy many books ... this one I will and will write about it in a fortnight.

Bette Dam ontrafelde het leven van Talibanleider mullah Omar: 'Hij had een gesprekspartner kunnen zijn' | De Volkskrant |

[Interview: Bette Dam unraveled the life of Taliban leader mullah Omar: 'He could have been a partner of peace']

Her new book is ready and will be available in the bookstores this week ... previous articles about her work as a journalist in Afghanistan and Iraq. Chasing the truth behind Americas revenge for 9/11 ...

'The World's Most Mysterious Political Leader' | Der Spiegel - July 30, 2015 |

Dutch journalist Bette Dam, 36, spent eight years working as a journalist in Kabul. She's currently working on a biography of Mullah Omar, the reclusive Taliban leader whose death was acknowledged recently. The confirmation by the Taliban followed reports by Afghan and Pakistani authorities earlier this week that the Islamist had perished some two or three years ago. Mullah Omar had been wanted since 2001 for providing a safe haven in Afghanistan to the late terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden. The United States had even placed a $10-million bounty on his head.

SPIEGEL ONLINE spoke to Dam about Mullah Omar's death and the true extent of his influence within the Taliban.

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U.S. Interference and Troubles In the Americas

by Oui Sun Feb 24th, 2019 at 05:22:03 AM EST

So the U.S. stops refugees from Honduras at the border with Mexico ... president Trumnp called in the military for protection?

Berta Cáceres murder trial plagued by allegations of cover-ups set to end | The Guardian |

She died in the arms of her friend Gustavo Castro, a Mexican environmentalist, who was shot by a second gunman in the attack, but survived by pretending to be dead.

Cáceres had led numerous campaigns to protect indigenous territories from environmentally destructive mega-projects, as general coordinator of the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (Copinh).

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Brexit Debacle: Labour Party to Split Today

by Oui Mon Feb 18th, 2019 at 10:14:12 AM EST

A Breaking News story ...

Several Labour MPs about to resign, say party sources | BBC News - 14 min ago |

A small group of MPs look set to announce their resignations from Labour, senior party sources have said.

At least four backbenchers who disagree with the Labour leadership over its handling of Brexit and anti-Semitism are thought likely to break away.

They are expected to announce their departure at an event later on Monday morning.

Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson urged those thinking of quitting to "stay and fight their corner".  

A move towards right-wing, conservative politics in the UK ...

More to follow!

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Globalization Right-wing Agenda Destroyed Liberal Thought

by Oui Sun Feb 17th, 2019 at 07:23:46 AM EST

The crisis and distrust in politics grew into discontent due to the financial crisis in 2008/9 and started a counterrevolution. As the West spurned the Arab uprising of 2011 by pushing for regime change through military means, it was the last nail in the coffin and downfall of Western Europe as a liberal society. In the end the Syrian civil war spurned as an offshoot created two years of war refugees that led to European states refuting human rights. By closing borders it was not a show of strength, it revealed just how devoid of empathy, care for our fellow men we have become as a society. Trump trumps it all - America is a decade ahead of Europe. The clock is ticking, but it's two minutes before midnight.

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Last Ditch Attempt - Proposal for a Customs Union

by Oui Mon Feb 11th, 2019 at 09:56:17 PM EST

A fatal last straw that will just anger her Brexiteers as all ideas slowly evaporate as in a mirage ...

(Image credit Financial Times)

Theresa May's Brexit overture to Labour is a high-risk move | Sky News |

    With exit day looming, and the prospect of negotiating changes to the backstop still elusive, Theresa May has made an overture to Jeremy Corbyn.

    In a conciliatory letter, the prime minister offered fresh talks, alongside concessions on workers' rights, the environment and even financial support for deprived communities, all designed to win over wavering Labour MPs to support her deal.

    Depending on which newspaper you read, it is being interpreted either as Mrs May opening the door to a soft Brexit - at the risk of a cabinet split - or as a rejection of Jeremy Corbyn's proposals for a permanent customs union.

Brexit: EU's Barnier says customs union idea 'interesting' | DW |

The European Union's chief negotiator Michel Barnier on Monday appeared to welcome the idea of a customs union arrangement with Britain.

In a letter to May, UK opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn suggested a "permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union" with the EU.

Corbyn's suggestion appears to envisage Britain being part of a separate customs union, rather than part of the EU Customs Union (EUCU) itself. How this would be established or agreed upon in a matter of weeks is not clear.

The Labour leader envisages common external tariffs on goods from the rest of the world.

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UK Neocolonialism: Super Wealth and Stealth Power

by Oui Sun Feb 10th, 2019 at 11:48:14 PM EST

Conservatives of the British ruling party roaming the globe to exert influence and extort the truth ...

Tory strategist's pitch detailed how CTF Partners would spread negative stories and press Fifa to 'restart bidding process'

Revealed: Lynton Crosby's £5.5m offer to undermine 2022 Qatar World Cup | The Guardian |

The detailed pitch document - "a proposal for a campaign to expose the truth of the Qatar regime and bring about the termination of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar" - was written in April last year and personally signed by Sir Lynton Crosby.

He said that if engaged, his lobbying firm, CTF Partners, would require £300,000 a month for 18 months to focus on efforts to delegitimise the Qatari government and put pressure on Fifa to "restart the bidding process" and award the World Cup to another country.

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Media War: Trump's Pecker v Hillary's Bezos

by Oui Fri Feb 8th, 2019 at 09:22:46 AM EST

The salicious edits in this warfare will be covered elsewhere in the media, I want to look beyond  when and where it all started.

The salicious parts are well covered by The Guardian and the content produced by Jeff Bezos in the last 24 hours ...

AMI, the owner of the National Enquirer, led by David Pecker, recently entered into an immunity deal with the Department of Justice related to their role in the so-called "Catch and Kill" process on behalf of President Trump and his election campaign. Mr. Pecker and his company have also been investigated for various actions they've taken on behalf of the Saudi Government.

And sometimes Mr. Pecker mixes it all together:

    "After Mr. Trump became president, he rewarded Mr. Pecker's loyalty with a White House dinner to which the media executive brought a guest with important ties to the royals in Saudi Arabia. At the time, Mr. Pecker was pursuing business there while also hunting for financing for acquisitions..."

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Ingeniería Una Revolución

by Oui Thu Feb 7th, 2019 at 07:52:03 PM EST

From Cuban exiles in Florida and Marco Rubio to the leading elites from Venezuala lobbying U.S. Congress and the White House. Undoubtedly a plot engineered in CIA HQ and the Pentagon's Southern Command. Many countries have succumbed under the onslaught of right-wing politicians and the deep pockets with money from oligarchs. The announcement in January took me by surtrise, I was aghast as a dozen or so nations immediately recognized Juan Guaidó as new interim president. EU countries followed suit after a ridiculous condition placed on Maduro to immediately hold new presidential elections, or else.

Leopoldo López led the opposition's challenge to Maduro from house arrest but could his protege thwart his own ambitions?

Under cover of the "shutdown" and bickering between Republicans and Democrats about building the Trump Grand Wall on the border with Mexico ...

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Black-Ops Mercenaries On the Internet

by Oui Thu Jan 31st, 2019 at 06:32:53 PM EST

Using tools denied by Western adversaries ... Russia, China, India and Korea trying to level the playing field.

Black Cube Targets Cyber-Security NGO at Behest of Leading Israeli Malware Maker | Tikun Olam |

The Israeli TV news magazine, Uvdah and the NY Times have collaborated on, and amplified a major story originally published by AP. It documents an elaborate, and ultimately unsuccessful sting operation on the Canadian cyber-security NGO, Citizen Lab (CL).  The latter is the key organization which has exposed a series of malware attacks by various hacking outfits whose government, police, and intelligence clients, use the surveillance products to spy on citizen activists.  Citizen Lab has documented the use of the Israeli dirty ops company, NSO Group's Pegasus malware by Mexican and Gulf (and many other) government agents to spy on, and even kill dissidents who seek to expose official corruption and who seek the reform their political systems.

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The Butcher of Christians and Shiites Speaks Out

by Oui Tue Jan 29th, 2019 at 07:28:23 AM EST

Of course on a platform given to Prince Bandar by the Jerusalem Post. Israel, a new and reliable ally of an autocratic Saudi Arabia. What a bs in the Israeli media. Gets me pretty mad his morning ...

Top Saudi official: Barack Obama lied, set Middle East back 20 years | JPost |

    Obama, Bandar Bin Sultan said, "would promise something and do the opposite." He spoke critically of the Iran nuclear deal and how the former president spoke about curbing Iran but failed.

Former US president Barack Obama lied to Saudi Arabia when violating the redlines he famously declared regarding Syria's use of chemical weapons and then not acting when they were used, a former senior Saudi official said in an interview with Independent Arabia.

Bandar bin Sultan served for years as head of Saudi intelligence as well as the Saudi ambassador to the United States. In the interview, he recalled a last phone call between the late Saudi King Abdullah and Obama, during which the Saudi leader told the US president: "I did not expect that [after] this long life, I would see [the day] when an American president lies to me."

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