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My Family's Secret FBI Nazi War Crime Files

by cruz del sur Sat Nov 5th, 2005 at 08:11:24 PM EST

About two years ago I Googled my name, and to my surprise, one of the search results had the words: Nazi war crimes. First thought: What the fuck??!! I instantly clicked on it and dove straight into that web page. The Memory Hole. "List of FBI Files on Nazi War Crimes". I started reading: Now I am nervous. Start glancing thorough to see if my name is on it. The only thing that stands out is National Archive and Research Administration (NARA). Looks legit to me. I then continue to glance through, and further down I find the "A". List of all last names that start with A's. Then I scroll down to the D's. There it was:

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The peoples Summit

by cruz del sur Sat Nov 5th, 2005 at 05:45:27 PM EST

Bush has already left Argentina, and is on his wasy to Brazil. I wrote a diary on Booman's Tribune , and sice he left I will edit it a little bit (basically the security operations which were in preparation for Bush's visit)

However I will try to add a few things regarding his arrival to Brazil, who just as Argentina is going to get HOT  

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