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Retired UK General : Impeach Blair

by Francois in Paris Thu Jan 12th, 2006 at 02:05:34 PM EST

Spotted in a post by Chris in Paris over at AMERICAblog. It looks like some in the British top brass are mighty pissed at their beloved civilian leader, PM Tony Blair.

From the original article in the Independent :


General Sir Michael Rose, who led United Nations forces in Bosnia, said the Prime Minister should not be allowed to "walk away" from misleading Parliament. General Rose, whose disquiet is believed to be shared by a number of present and past members of the military hierarchy, declared Mr Blair's actions had been "disastrous" and that he had hidden the true motive for going to war from Parliament and the public.


[General Rose says] "The politicians should be held to account, and my own view is that Blair should be impeached. That would prevent politicians treating quite so carelessly the subject of taking a country to war."



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Unrest in China : 20 Reported Killed

by Francois in Paris Sat Dec 10th, 2005 at 05:31:25 PM EST

Worrying news from China.

According to the NY Times (free reg required), police has shot at protesters with live bullets to quell a local riot and killed at least 20 people with dozens more missing.

Promoted by Colman: almost all the conventional wisdom on China is completely wrong as far as I can make out. A lot of this sort of thing seems to go on. See the comments for some good debate on the issue.

11-12-2005 : Two updates below the fold

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